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Finding Workbench settings on CustomTone
by killergege on 2012-07-31 05:48:06.2190


I just noticed that a user managed to upload workbench settings on CustomTone (">"> and it seems that CustomTone supports it ("Created with" is set to "Tyler Variax").

This is the first time I see that (although downloading the file adds a ".l6t" extension...), is this new ? Does it mean that Line 6 starts to support Workbench settings on CT ? Is this a bug.

I tried to search for other settings but I can't find a way to do that, there is no filter for "Tyler Variax" in the product list and "vwm" doesn't return any result.

Did anyone find a trick (or an official way but I don't think there is one) to search for those settings ?

I guess I'll add JTV settings support in CT to the feature requests list .

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