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Anyone know how to set levels on Able ton Live Lite 7?
by markleehunter1 on 2012-08-01 03:12:16.2400

Hello all, I'm a guitar player named Mark Lee Hunter and I like my Toneport GX very much, thanks.  What I don't like is the Ableton Live Lite software that came bundled with it, becausde nowhere in the help, manual or tutorials does ableton find it necessary to say anything about setting levels for an instrument when you record it.  The only faders I see in the interface apply to monitoring, not input levels.  Am I missing something or did they just forget to take care of this?  Please advise, the software is useless to me as it stands and Audacity, my other choice, does not recognise Pod Farm.... and now that I mention it, if anyone knows THAT trick I'd be grateful too.

Re: Anyone know how to set levels on Able ton Live Lite 7?
by hexom66 on 2012-08-03 14:35:19.8800

ok i dont know how far u have gotten with ableton so ok when u insert the plug in it should bring up a window that looks very similar to the stand alone...... at the end of the chan in the pod farm window(i dont know wat u call it )but double click on it and it should bring up a slider for your output

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