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m13 no audio, suggestions?
by nsm12889 on 2012-08-01 13:50:35.9620


I've just bought m13 and I can't get any out signal.

When it's true-bypassed with all the fxs turned off, I get sound (I guess I put the cables in the right place?)

but when I turn on fxs or all the fxs turned off in dsp-bypassed, I get no sound. Even tuner won't get any signal in both bypass mode.

things I tried:

firmware upgrade,

factory reset,

tried guitar jack into L and R , also tried both output L R

checked cables 

checked guitar direct into the amp.

I guess my only option is to bring it in to the customer service

but it's pretty far and I'm lazy.

Any other suggestions I could try before sending it in?


Re: m13 no audio, suggestions?
by utkucaneken on 2013-02-02 16:02:11.2610

I have the same problem please help guys!!

I recently buy it, first of all I couldn't get sound but tuner was working. Than I do a factory reset. Than even the tuner didn't work. Made a firmware update, but still no change. What am I doing wrong? Please help... Thanks.

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