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Bass Pod XTLive can't synch to PC even with latest drivers
by howard_page on 2012-08-02 07:04:32.9020


My Bass POd XT Live had a cider related indicent at a gig a couple of weeks ago and seemed to expire. Having attempted to clean it up and work the switches it has since come back to life, gradually! It appears all the patches were wiped with corrupted patch names. I've reset it to factory settings and updated all the software and firmware etc. to the latest greatest. It now appears to be working - I can recreate patches but I can't get it to connect properly to the Line 6 Editor. It connects to the USB OK, the drivers work fine and it appears to connect to the Editor. However when I try to refresh it gets to around the 5 second mark and then errors saying "Your Bass PODxt Live has stopped responding. Please try resetting the power and click 'Refresh' in the tone bar."

Rebooting the pod makes no difference. I also reloaded the factory settings on th ePod and, the obligatory reboot of the the PC. It worked fine before as I downloaded and transferred patches with no problems. All I need to do now is backup any patches I decide recreate and maybe load a few onto it to get me going again.

Ironically, at the same gig, the guitarists pod took a fit (no beverage involved) and it seems that all his patches were somehow corrupted (the same parameter on each - something like distortion from the racket it made!) It's a shame as I've now lost confidence in pods and will soon have to decide if I should seek an alternative product. Shame as I love mine, even though I only use part of it's potential.

Any help to get the wee man working again would be greatly appreciated 8-)


Re: Bass Pod XTLive can't synch to PC even with latest drivers
by Mr_Arkadin on 2012-08-02 08:08:37.2200

With drinks, the higher the sugar content the worse potential damage it will do. Cider is very sugary. The best thing would have been to wash the affected areas in water (unplugged of course) and then dry it out quickly to avoid corrosion. As it is you may have a partially working Pod at the moment but for how long who can say. Cost-wise I doubt it's worth getting serviced. 

Is it possible that there was a bad power supply at the venue that may have affected your Pods? Also do you know exactly what affected the guitarist's Pod before losing confidence (as in reality you've only seen one possibly defective Pod - I don't think you can blame the Bass Pod's lack of tolerance to cider as Line 6's fault)? Sometimes just putting the knobs at the zero position helps as in any other position they can move with gig vibrations and alter some parameters - maybe his drive knob was moving without him realising, which would give the appearance of adding distortion to every patch.

Other than that I can't really suggest anything other than maybe getting another second-hand and using your current one as a back-up.

Re: Bass Pod XTLive can't synch to PC even with latest drivers
by howard_page on 2012-08-03 02:10:40.1340

Mr. Arkadin,

Thanks for your response. It is possible the power supply was dirty at the venue but we play there every 3 months or so and haven't experienced problems before. I did indeed give my sticky Pod a bed bath after the gig - good idea about the leaving the knobs at zero - I'll do that from now on.

I'll persevere for now and keep my eyes open for another second hand Bass Pod I think. I'll see if it survives Saturdays gig! I'll let you know if anything further happens with the guitarists pod too.



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