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Pod XT Live --> Peavey 6505+
by Fatal_Instinct on 2012-08-02 16:58:48.4050

I've recently began working with a Pod XT Live, and have been setting it up with different amps to familiarize myself with its features and capabilities.  I've been able to get great tone out of every amp so far, except for when I plug into my half stack (Orange 4x12 with Celestion V30's powered by a Peavey 6505+).  I've tried plugging into the front, which no matter what I do always sounds "weak" and a very thin, empty tone.  I have also tried sending it to my effects return, which gets a nasty, trebly/high-mid grating crunch on the tone as soon as I introduce any gain via the Pod.  Could anyone give me a few pointers as to how I should connect the Pod to my stack to get the best possible tone?  I'd like to make this a functional set-up and replace my traditional pedal board.

Much appreciated!


Re: Pod XT Live --> Peavey 6505+
by skunkygin on 2012-08-13 21:52:34.3250


I'm also experiencing a similar problem. It sounds great when recording directly into a computer but sounds horrible when I play it live. I usually have to turn the mids and treble way down to make it sound decent. I'm using a power amp and a Marshall 1960av cab.

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