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FBV Express to mute/solo tracks in Pro Tools MP9?
by jsokoloff on 2012-08-02 18:47:14.7130

Hey, I'm going to college soon and wanted to figure out a way to practice silently without buying a lot of gear. I have Pro Tools MP 9, and a Line 6 FBV Express MKII. I would like to utilize the gear in the following scenario: I have four auxillary channels, each being run by the same guitar signal. They each have different guitar tones dialed in so I can play along with music. I would like to be able to use the footswitch to "solo" each channel, so footswtich A would control my dirty channel, footswitch B my clean, etc. I am not familiar with complicated MIDI programming, is it possible to do this?

I also tried the transport control option in the FBV express guide, but it did not work, I think because it calls for Pro Tools LE, while I have MP. Any help to these problems would be greatly appreciated.


Re: FBV Express to mute/solo tracks in Pro Tools MP9?
by fflbrgst on 2012-08-03 06:52:58.3210

Assume you have an interface to send your guitar signal into your computer!  You talk about 4 'auxillary channels' - not sure what you mean by this.  Do you mean you have Tracks set up in PT, each with the sound chain described?  You may want to pose this question on the ProTools forums.

I don't know MIDI programming for the FBVs or PT, so not sure you can program the signal to switch between tracks.

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