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JTV-59 auto switching and piezo sound problem!
by chris1846 on 2012-08-03 11:13:06.2680

Hi all, need some advice. I purchased my JTV-59 new on 16/07/2012 from my local guitar store and noticed a problem with some of the models. When selecting the Lester or Special models with the toggle switch in position 1, the guitar seems to switch between that and other models on its own!!!!

First off I thought it was something I was doing wrong but now Im familiar with the controls it is clearly a probelm. A example of the fault would be if I select the Lester model with the switch in the first position and play a couple of power chords I can here the model changing on its own. It appears to flick between the Lester, banjo and simular models acoustic type sounds. Its very off putting and is starting to get on my wick. It cant be a switch fault because I play alot of stuff on the Semi position 1 whithout any problems! The problems only appears to effect the Lest and Special models.

Ive tried flashing to the latest firmware but this has not helped. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a simular problem or has a solution before it goes back.

Kind regards,


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