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pod farm license problem
by Tedio on 2012-08-04 10:15:50.7170

Hello everyone... i have a pod studio UX1 and a late 2009 iMac with OSX 10.8 (mountain lion). I've upgraded all the software for my UX1 but i cant use the pod farm 2.53.. it says i have a valid license and run license manager, then i opened license manager but nothing happened.. there are 1 of you can help with this problem???? Thank you and sorry for my bad english


Re: pod farm license problem
by Tedio on 2012-08-06 09:44:37.3280

Please Help me i cannot use pod farm and i dont understand if there is difference between pod farm 1 or pod farm 2.53...

Re: pod farm license problem
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-06 10:52:25.7740

there is a difference between pod famr 1.x and 2.x if you use the line6 monkey license manager and authorize your UX1 it will have the latest license that you qualify for... you can install both version 1 and version 2... so you can also get the latest version 1.x and try it... if it works then you have a license for version 1.... which doesn't mean you don't have a license for version 2... but at least you can use version 1 which always came with the pod studios.

Re: pod farm license problem
by Tedio on 2012-08-06 11:09:51.6030

yeah you where right.. i have a license for Pod Farm 1.12, i have installed it and it works fine good as stand alone app. But now when i try to use it like an AU in garage band or logic it says there are no authorized device... and the sound is crackling... i have the last driver for my pod studio UX1.. Howevere in license manager the pod farm 1.12 dont figure out in my license but I still can use it...

Re: pod farm license problem
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-06 12:31:07.4090

are you sure you don't have a toneport ux1 instead of a pod studio ux1?

the toneports have a red face and the pod studios have a black face

the more important difference though is that the red face tone port models did not come with a plugin license and only work with the standalone pod farm unless you buy and upgraded license.

i'm not sure about your crackling issues, i quit using macs a while back.

Re: pod farm license problem
by Tedio on 2012-08-07 18:59:15.1710

Thank you for your help, yes i have a pod studio UX1 (black face in front) and the stand alone version 1.12 of Pod Farm software work quite good and says it's connected to my device. but in my license manager in the tab of my pod studio there are only 2 item (FX junkie plug in and propellerhead record) there isnt any information about my pod farm license.. plus when i try to use pod farm in logic express 9 tell's me the AU isnt recognized and wont work like before... so i can use it only as stand alone and not for recording...

again thank you for your answer and help


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