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string volume problem
by BobGreaves on 2012-08-04 16:57:57.8810

I have a JTV-59 purchased June 26 of this year (2012). Everything seemed fine at first and all strings were of a similar volume even when switching between pickups and modeling. But recently the G string has started to sound weak on all models. If I reflash the firmware it returns to normal but only temporarily. Sometimes when Iswitch to a different model the G string suddenly drops back down in volume and nothing seems to restore it except reflashing the firmware. If I use the variax workbench I have to lower the volume of  E A D B and E to .50 and leave G at 1.00 in order for everything to sound balanced again.

This seems to be a software glitch of some sort as the problem does not exist immediately after a reflash but once it occurs cannot be eliminated until reflashing the firmware again temporarily fixes it. And it seems to always kick in the moment I switch to a different model.

What are my options?

Re: string volume problem
by BobGreaves on 2012-08-04 19:31:08.4500

Having read a few other threads I am trying a different approach to see what happens. Currently the flash memory is version 1.82. So I decided to roll iit back to 1.81 and will try to see if that accomplishes a fix. I have verified that after the reflash to 1.82, as soon as I turn it on, the string volume seems equal on all strings but as soon as I change to a different preset the string volume of the G string drops. And when I go back to the initial preset the G string remains at the lower volume.

Re: string volume problem
by BobGreaves on 2012-08-04 20:29:38.8570

I rolled back to 1.81 and then 1.70. Had a few other problems along the way including for a moment everything very very loud. But alas when all settles down the G string is much quieter than the others in modeling mode.

Re: string volume problem
by daveymoss on 2012-08-12 10:22:49.1970

Hi Bob,

Dod yoiu ever solve this problem, i've just bought a jtv and having a similar problem. The g string sounds really weak on some models!

What did you do in the end?



Re: string volume problem
by BobGreaves on 2012-09-03 13:38:31.0990

No, I have not solved the problem. However like you I have noticed that it appears on only some models not all.

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