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You have reached your limit of "ACTIVE" authorizations... only 2?!
by Burninass on 2012-08-05 03:24:46.2450

Hey there,

I bought the line6 GX a few months ago together with ableton live lite 7 and riff works 4.

I actually used only one computer for most of the time, but then a virus appeared and I had to format this computer and sold it afterwards.

But still, I checked the line6 support pages for information on the authorizations and found a thread in which a "line6 Expert" stated that you wouldn´t have to deauthorize your computer before formatting. And even if I tried to deauthorize it, it wouldn´t have been possible because of the virus that blocked the computer.

Later I installed the amp modelling software on 3 more computers and authorized them. One of them was formatted without deauthorizing the computer because I thought a line6 Expert was a reliable source.

So now there are only 2 "active" authorized computers with which I use my line6 device and they work just fine, but they´re both not where I live at.

That means I tried installing the amp modelling software on my new computer at home and when I get to authorize my computer I get the message that I already reached my number of "active" authorizations.

Well, there are only 2 "active" authorized computers and the other authorizations can´t be undone because the hard-drive was formatted.

So what can I do about that?

Don´t tell me to deauthorize the "active" computers, because I need them for rehearsals and as a line6 customer I was never informed that there is a limit of authorizable computers plus I read wrong information by a "line 6 Expert" (who is supposed to be a reliable source, I guess) on the support forum.


Re: You have reached your limit of "ACTIVE" authorizations... only 2?!
by Burninass on 2012-08-05 03:45:27.8160

Okey guys, forget it. I finally found the possibility to deauthorize the computers with the formatted HD.

But due to the fact that I use the website for the first time and that there is no info anywhere (not even in the frickin´ FAQ) that you can deauthorize your devices on your account page, it was a confusing journey.

I think this should defenitely be part of the FAQ! That would have safed me plenty of time!

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