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usb guitar into POD farm 2
by ryanhillaby on 2012-08-05 15:01:20.2540

ok so i have a godin progression boutique usb guitar  heres the link:

I downloaded the pod farm software off of the website for free and im trying to use it with my usb guitar but i cant figure out how to make it work or if it even will work. Im trying to plug my guitar straight into my computer with the usb port (which only contains an audio signal, NO MIDI). I AM NOT trying to use a UX type guitar port where there is something between the guitar and the computer. Is it at all possible to use this program by ust pluging my guitar into my computer using the usb cord i have?

Re: usb guitar into POD farm 2
by BigChas52 on 2012-08-05 15:03:36.7050

If your USB guitar has an ASIO driver then POD Farm 2 will work.  If it does not, then it will not work.

Re: usb guitar into POD farm 2
by ryanhillaby on 2012-08-05 15:08:31.5290

i contacted godin and they say that there is an on board preamp or something that i have to activate by putting a dummy jack into the 1/4" that must mean it should work. How would i set it up to work with the software?

Re: usb guitar into POD farm 2
by Triryche on 2012-08-06 08:21:08.1510

I do not think this will work with the POD Farm 2.5 Standalone.

Most USB input deivices are not ASIO.

ASIO devices are more common for audio interfaces tha provide both input and output.">">

But you should be able to capture the signal from the Godin into your DAW and try the POD Farm 2.5 plug-in form with in your DAW. The plug-in does not require an ASIO device, just a DAW thatis Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST® and Windows® RTAS®/VST® compatible.

Example for PC, Repaer is VST compatible.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.