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Three problems with my new JTV-69 (tremolo, models switch)
by JacekH on 2012-08-06 15:55:34.7600

I bought my new JTV-69 (sunburst, Korean) three days ago. I made initial regulations and updated the firmware to the latest Btw. Do I have to use external power for Variax everytime I want to use Workbench? I recharged the battery, connected the guitar to Variax-USB unit but it wasn't recognized (the red flashing light) till I powered it from my XPS A/B.

Models switch/knob. From the first touch I had to use much more force to switch emulations on or off than I expected. Light touching the knob didn't worked. After three days I can see that it's worse now. I need to press three or four times to switch from magnetic to emulated models. Sometimes, after pressing the knob/switch it stays in the "pressed" postion, then slowly moves up. How about your guitars?

Tremolo. I noticed very ugly noised when using it with modelled guitars. When playing with magnetic pickups it's OK. However, when I swittch to piezo I can hear every touch of the tremolo as a low rumble, when use it for a typical stratocaster tremolo effect (small moves up and down, no dive bombs etc.) it produces a lot of rumbles. It looks like piezo without high pass filter... Is it a problem of piezo, springs or the JTV-69 construction?

Kindest regards,


Re: Three problems with my new JTV-69 (tremolo, models switch)
by XCrossroadsX2000 on 2012-08-06 16:29:03.8730

Hi Jacek:

For the power issues you need to have fully charged battery bofore flashing Variax.

For power just plug 1/4 inch cable into guitar jack while you have Variax cable connected to USB. This should turn leds green.

To turn models on /off push down and release. If it is flashing blue you are in virtual capo mode, and you are holding button down too long.

To get out of virtual capo turn the model knob to something else.

I did not notice issue with wang bar, but I will try tonight.


Re: Three problems with my new JTV-69 (tremolo, models switch)
by JacekH on 2012-08-07 11:00:36.1850

Kevin, thank you for the tip. Well, I haven't found that info in JTV's pilot handbook.

Tremolo. Listen to this sound sample:

Magnetic pickup example

It's from a magnetic PU (HB), no problem, nice sustain.


Piezo pickup example

is from piezo (Lester bridge HB AFAIR). It starts with noises when I touch tremolo arm. All vibrations comes from tremolo bar - you can hear all this rumbles, noises when just vibrating a little bit. At the end of the sound you can hear just a tremolo without a string sound, at the end you can noitce just touching tremolo bar. All is with bedroom level. When I use the amp with a typical small stage level tremolo is unusable



Re: Three problems with my new JTV-69 (tremolo, models switch)
by SamuelJackson on 2012-08-09 03:05:00.4990

I get the same noises from my JTV-69 as well and contacted the Line6 Support.

The strings seems to move on the piezos and causing the noises.

Re: Three problems with my new JTV-69 (tremolo, models switch)
by Lurotex on 2012-10-25 01:43:33.6290

Hi guys,

ane news with this problems?


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