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Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by roddyf on 2012-08-08 05:26:48.8170

The Mesa Boogie MKii C+ was One of the most influencial amp sounds of all time and yet not included. Most amp modellers do it or at least try. line 6 has done it in the past. "Please" include it in the next update.

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2012-08-08 05:39:07.0570

I agree, great amp.

What you need to do is put in a formal request via this form:">">



Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by meambobbo on 2012-08-08 15:22:57.2320

You can try this patch out:">">

It's a studio/direct patch using the Uber with pre-EQ to simulate a Boogie IIC+.  I think the tone is in the ballpark.

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-08-10 09:19:33.6180

I will have to try this patch when I get home. I actually submitted a request a while back for the MRK II. For approximating using the current HD500 I've been using the "Treadplae PRE" on very low gain into 1x12, but it's not round and smooth like the original.

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by meambobbo on 2012-08-10 14:42:32.1550

let me know how you like it! it's probably my favorite patch on the hd

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-08-11 07:45:50.5270

meambobbo wrote:

let me know how you like it! it's probably my favorite patch on the hd

Wow. It's excellent. I love it ,  I don't know how you did it. Without looking at what is in the patch it sounds very similar to how I remember the MarkII.  This is one patch that I won't change a thing, some how it sounds perfect on my Strat! Thank you

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by meambobbo on 2012-08-13 09:49:40.9070

i used to have one myself, and this is as close as i could get.  the key tweaks are the mid-focus in front the amp to lop off all the low end that turns into a muddy mess.  i also take out a little high end - this makes the distortion a bit crunchier and mid-centric, and removes some of the harshness that would otherwise sound like an overdriven fender.

another tweak is to raise the Hum Amp DEP just a tad.  I find this gets a slightly more aggressive distortion tone.

And I raise the Bias X Amp DEP which makes sustained notes kind of bloom or sound vowel-y if you pick them hard enough.

otherwise, just use dual amps (XXL + Treadplate), turn down Res. Level on them a bit, get a nice midsy EQ, and use some reverb.

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-08-13 11:39:22.7870

That's simply brilliant. I'm gonna have to visit your website and check out your other patches. I noticed that your patches are for direct and ready to sit nicely in the  mix, as the bass is filtered using the low pass... very nice work and thanks again for sharing!

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by fechart on 2012-08-13 18:27:59.0710

Hi meambobbo, I got one question for you...

You´ve done an incredible job with foobazaar, your patches are excellent and a great plus for all of us, Line 6 Foum users... You know I tried almost all of your patches, and I had to make a big effort to make them sound good via Combo Power Amp output mode (I have a Laney TT50 and I use the 4CM). You know, I try always to keep the spirit of the tones you made, but sometimes I have to tweak a lot and it´s difficult... How do you think I can "translate" your patches, made for Studio/Direct, to Combo Power Amp output mode? Any particular tips? Perhaps EQ hints?

Thanks in advance and cheers!

P.S.: Sorry roddyf for using your post for another thing, but I didn´t want to start a new discussion including meambobbo´s name.

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by meambobbo on 2012-08-14 07:22:08.6880

quick response, then let's stay on topic.

i think there's a couple ways to go.  first of all, i often use "dual cab" patches, so I can get the nice bass and punch of the XXL with a brighter cab.  For live use, this is pointless.  You can get rid of channel B completely - the amp settings (other than EQ) should be identical.  This will give you room for more EQ's, or wah pedals, or a harmony, or to move from a regular to a spring reverb.

As for EQ, I tend to find for my rig, I have to turn down the Master DEP a bit or use the pre-amp version of the amp model to get the clean brightness I want.  As for cabs, I tend to like "no cab", but I also find the Treadplate works nice with my rig - it gives it the presence boost it needs to really bite.  You could get the same thing via EQ effects, but I like to use the cab as a starting point.  The rest really depends on your rig.

At some point I do plan to translate them all to "live" patches to make a live setlist, but who knows when?

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by roddyf on 2012-08-21 21:55:07.9720

Just got my DT25 amp to go with my HD500. I have to say it makes a huge difference to the overall tone as aposed to going direct through a mixer. Having thos tubes and a real speaker makes all the difference. I used the ubershal model with the greenback 30 cab, but switched to iv voicing(which is the mesa higain ) with class "A" and there was the tone. Fat, Round and singing. And with the single amp model there is plenty of room for some other effects. A bit of delay and reverb, a tube screamer and WAH at the front . Damn , its good. Very close to my old MKii C+ , and at a reasonble volume. I definately recommend one of the DT amps to go with the pedals. Much better feel and all of the tones are better.

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by meambobbo on 2012-08-22 07:38:00.5970

Glad you found the tone you were looking for.  It is pretty wild how close the Uber can sound to the real deal.

Did you try a bunch of different cab models?  For the live-voiced cabs I tend to like the Treadplate most.  Still they're not dramatically different that way.

And yes, it is great to be able to only use one amp model so you can fit all kinds of sweet effects on top.  ...sigh...

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by meambobbo on 2012-08-22 07:43:45.8160

Just wanted to point out a couple of modifications I've since made to this tone and will post tonight.

1) I use Input 2: Variax now.  This makes the tone a bit crisper and cleaner.

2) The Mid-Focus EQ is very sensitive in front the amp.  In fact, I'm clipping it on the patch posted above.  But the tone I get is due to the clipping.  So I've actually changed to a Screamer instead of EQ.  I use settings somewhere around Drive: 15, Bass: 40, Tone: 75, Treble: 85, Output: 90.

3) I could never get the Treadplate + XXL to fit into a mix well.  I'm now using Treadplate + 57 off axis, Hiway + 57 off axis.  I put a Mid-Focus EQ behind the Treadplate, which phase corrects them - I also use it to roll off the very top end of the Treadplate's tone.  I use the Hiway's cab DEP's to keep it from getting too bassy.  I tend to set Treble and Presence to 0% on the Hiway, otherwise it interferes with the Treadplate tone.  This combination sits PERFECTLY in a mix - the tone is thick and crisp and crunchy but also creamy and midsy and sweet - sings and brutalizes all at once.

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by meambobbo on 2012-08-23 07:17:18.3860">">

and there you go.

Re: Mesa Mkii C+ model for HD500
by meambobbo on 2012-08-24 09:59:12.0910

ok, it's finally locked in.

check out the demo:">">">">

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