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FM4 and DL4 stereo question
by prinzollo on 2012-08-08 14:29:32.0700

Hi all!

my problem is this:

I run mono effects, into a stereo analog chorus (one input and one single output), into a fm4 and following a dl4; first of all, how can I plug a single output to the two inputs of the fm4? Would a Y stereo cable do the job without issues?

The other question is, once I've patched the fm4 to the dl4, how can I run this one into a stereo amp with just one input? I mean, obtaining stereo effects that the pedal can give. The amp is a fender mustang IV, supposed to be stereo (with 2 speakers).

I like modelling amps cause I can get more amps sounda from one unit, and I would like to take advantage of stereo pedals without using fx loop, cause the loop is placed after reverb.

Thanks for the help!

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