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Flextone II Plus balance adjust?
by bbhulsey on 2012-08-08 18:06:28.7120


I have a Flextone II+ 1x12 with an extension cabinet.  I've noticed that the volume level in the extension cab is slightly lower than what comes out of the speaker in the amp cabinet.  Is there any way to adjust the balance between the two speakers?  Thanks!


Re: Flextone II Plus balance adjust?
by moff on 2013-01-03 17:44:23.5200

Old thread, but...

This is as designed, unfortunately.  On a Flextone Plus, the main power amp is 60W, but the extension speaker out is driven by a second power amp @ only 40 watts.  The only amps of this series to have both speakers the same volume were the 2x12 Flextone, and the XL, which was a 2x12 combo.

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