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PodHD500 and Variax
by drdamski on 2012-08-10 06:54:30.0550

I've seen fantastic videos of the dream rig where PodHD500 tells JTV what model and tuning to use for a differnt presets.

Not sure if I want to spend that much on a JTV without experimenting with the technology a bit first. Therefore was thinking of spending on an old second hand variax 300/500/600/700 and seeing if its the way to go for me.

My question is: Does the PodHD500 work well in this way for the old Variax Models? (model type and tuning?)

I know that the JTV and PodHD500 integration can actually do a bit more than that but those are the two elements that really interest me.

2nd question would be: Can you set patches on the HD500 to control the Variax but which work fine with regular guitars also...? (ie the amp & effects settings work, even though it can't find a Variax to control because you're using a regular guitar).



Re: PodHD500 and Variax
by BigChas52 on 2012-08-10 07:08:14.6380

You can use the HD500 to select different Variax settings on the older models, but any alternate tunings will need to be built into the Variax setting.

There is an input option for Guitar + Variax which will do what you want.

Re: PodHD500 and Variax
by Jeffsco on 2012-08-10 10:45:14.8040

I use an old Variax 300 with my HD 500. Works great. I do use a few different tunings and have those set up and saved within the variax itself.

Re: PodHD500 and Variax
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2012-08-10 12:40:59.9480

I use both my JTV69 and Variax 700 with the POD HD500.  The HD500 can't change the tuning for the Variax 700 but if you only use the Variax with the POD, you can customise all the User presets in the Variax with whatever guitars and alternate tunings you want because with the POD you can also access the Factory default guitars (that come with standard tuning).

Another difference is not being able to mix modelled guitars with the native magnetic pickup tones.  The JTVs are a dual channel guitar and you can do cool things like mix an acoustic (modelled guitar) with an electric (magnetic pickups) guitar.

So, I'm sure you'll get good use out of an earlier Variax for the time being and that might give you an appetite for the extra flexibility that comes with a JTV. 

If you do get get a JTV later, keep the old Variax as a backup.



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