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Tweaking HD500 with Monitoring Headphones......Distortion sounds lame
by ck991004 on 2012-08-10 10:28:48.0820

Hi, It's my first time asking question here. Plus my terrible English, please be gentle I

I own a POD HD500, and I use my AKG240s for tweaking tones (into the "PHONES" jack).

For the whole equipments list...

Guitar: Schecter American custom with EMG 81&89

Effect: POD HD 500 - high gain amp models or low gain amp models along with dist. pedal

Headphones: AKG240s (55ohms)

My clean tones sound all right, but for high gain tones...they sound HARSH, DIGITAL like I'm using a 30$ distortion pedal.

I've tried the "High Gain Tone Guide".

The tones are OKAY when I'm using amplifiers over 80 watts. It even sounds not so bad on my Roland 30w cube.

But when I use my monitoring headphones for tweaking, they're just......weird.

Could anyone tell me what I can do?

Or if you have the same problem, please share you're experiences!


Re: Tweaking HD500 with Monitoring Headphones......Distortion sounds lame
by meambobbo on 2012-08-10 12:53:46.9500

I find some of the harsh ultra-high end shows up more in headphones where normally a room would cancel some of it.  Also, without a room, the tone can sound very thin and sterile/dead because there's no natural reverb.

For the high-end, try using a Mid-Focus EQ.  You'd want something like HP freq 0%, HP Q 60%, LP freq 85%, LP Q 0%.  The High Pass basically does nothing with those settings, but the Low Pass gradually rolls off the highs.  I find that effectively rolls off the high-end, especially for the SM57 on axis mic.  Also, Gain does nothing as far as EQ'ing goes - it just sets the output level.  I use it to set the final output level of my patches.

For thickening up the tone without adding too much of a space sound (like using E.R. or a Reverb effect), I boost the Decay parameter in the Cab DEP's.  I often move this up to about 70%.

One other thing to keep in mind is that if there's any clipping in your signal chain, it may be much less apparent in a room than in headphones.  Be sure you're not boosting your amp's Ch. Vol (VOLUME knob on the unit itself) too high.  I keep mine at 50% or less.  With higher values, you can clip EQ effects behind the amp, or max out the Pod's internal digital resolution.

Re: Tweaking HD500 with Monitoring Headphones......Distortion sounds lame
by benpowellguitar on 2012-08-10 14:26:56.8460

Generally I've found if the tone sounds good through headphones it sounds awful through everything else! And I'm not just talking about PODs or other modellers but also amps mic'd in the studio!

Now I use nearfield monitors to set up my tones and only use headphones (Sony MDR-7506 so not cheap ones before you ask) for playing late at night or setting gate thresholds etc.

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