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My Variax 600 Simpsons Pickguard Mod
by karmicfreak on 2012-08-10 14:30:56.5940

Easy, easy, easy.

1. Got some printable sticker paper, and printed out 2 sections of a simpsons poster image from the web.

The-Simpsons-Poster-Picture-Image.jpg 4,572×2,600 pixels

2. Removed the pickguard from my Variax (quite a simple procedure, loosen some screws, wrestle off the knobs.)

3. Traced, cut, stuck, re-screwed.

Voila! (profit?)


It's NOT particularly durable nor is it fade-proof, but I will likely remove the pickguard again and have my wife use some decopage or maybe shellac to harden and keep the colors safe.  Still researching this.  Best part is the paper I used (Avery 3383, $15 @ Office Max) is removable, so I can have the un-adorned pickguard back whenever I want it.

Inspired?  What does your ideal Vax pickguard look like?

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