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My jam crashes a lot
by Liagaspavlos on 2012-08-11 04:43:02.9250

I have my spider jam for about 6 months now and suddenly it started crash while I was recording. I said ok it s nothing but then it did it again. but in a matter of days it became worse. it was crashing evry 2 minutes when it was open. I thought there was a power problem but I was wrong. sometimes it was open for a while but when i tried to transfer my recordings to card it crashed again

Re: My jam crashes a lot
by Nookage on 2012-08-29 00:55:12.8040

I started having same prob, amp crashing and rebooting spontaneously. Seems to be ok after reloading Firmware. Spiderjam already had version 2.09, but I downloaded another copy from Line6 onto my PC. Copied from there to blank, formatted SD card, loaded card in amp, then went through procedure for "Firmware Upgrade" (via save button on amp). When complete, I used save button to format card again so it can be used for recordings. Note card has to be 2gb or less for this to work. "Upgrade" erases all internal memory, so save your tones and recordings somewhere for reloading later.

Re: My jam crashes a lot
by Liagaspavlos on 2012-08-29 02:24:29.8550

I will try but what if my jam crash while i install the firmware wouldn t that be a problem?

Re: My jam crashes a lot
by Nookage on 2012-08-30 22:44:28.6440

If problem IS corrupted firmware, I would guess that there would be no crashing while uninstalling it (which is first thing amp does when upgrading/reinstalling). Only takes a minute or so anyway, so you might be lucky . At worst, you would lose firmware, so keep copy on your desktop.

Are you not within warranty period? My problem started 1 month after warranty expired, so I had to figure this out myself, now completely fixed so easily!

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