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Podfarm Platinum troubles getting to work with UX2
by bryson101 on 2012-08-14 00:55:21.2950

Hi im a bit concerned ive been sold the dump i was at my local and they were selling a version of podfarm platinum brand new in the box ( version 1 ) anyway i really enjoy using podfarm with my ux2 and have played my mates ux8 ( which comes with platinum ) and thought this was a great way to go as i wasnt too comfortable putting my credit card details online to buy direct from line 6 ( i've been burnt in the past ).

Now after trying to install it onto my computer im finding i cant get it to work or understand how to get it to work with my ux2 will it work if i buy an ilok im confused and worried as ive had a bit of a look around on the forum and noticed other people have done exactly what i have and it mightn't work any help would be great seems crazy though to sell something that wont work with a line 6 interface.

Re: Podfarm Platinum troubles getting to work with UX2
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-14 03:48:04.5770

you will need to buy an ilok and register it on the site....

but even then it may not work with your ux2.... pod farm sometimes has issues when there are 2 authenticated licenses plugged in... the lesser one on your ux2 might be used rather than the platinum for your ilok... you really should have gotten a computer license direct from this site for your needs.

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