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Variax 300 Static/clicking
by neylon79 on 2012-08-14 07:58:54.6760

Hi everyone, I searched this issue and tried a number of fixes I found on the forums. 

I have a variax 300 electric and I get a static/noise whenever I have some high gain. I can hear it even as I rub my fingers on the strings, and it makes recording high gain hard since it is quite audible.

I had a similar issue with a previous 300, but that also made a high pitched squeel so I got rid of it. I assumed the squeel and the static were related, but this one has no squeel, just static.

I have gotten this noise with my xps power supply, a battery, and a 9v dc power supply hooked to the battery clip. I have a non working pod xt live. I swear that the guitar did not make this noise when using the cat5 cable and the xt as a sound card. I am attempting to fix the xt (I think it is either a broken switch or power supply), but I cannot 100% confirm that the noise did not occur with the xt live as power supply.

I am currently going into a guitar port, I have used the guitarport asio drivers, and asio4all, same result. I also tried the variax directly into the pc soundcard, same sound.

Below is a file with the sound I am describing, I am just scratching the strings with an OD plugin. And I did try many different plugins, all gave me the same sound.

I am in between amps right now, so i have no way of plugging this into an amp, cranking the gain and seeing if the sound is replicated in this setup. I plan on trying that though to see if it does.

I have tried a damp cloth rubdown and a dryer sheet rubdown to remove static charge, no change at all. I have tried multiple outlets in my house and confirmed that the outlet is wired/grounded properly.

Thanks for your help,


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