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Stereo pairs on mics
by antonioctd on 2012-08-16 03:29:49.1790


I saw that by connecting two adjacent line inputs, the M20d gives you the option to make a stereo pair for stereo keyboards, pedal boards, etc...

What about Mics? Is it possible to create a stereo pair, for example, for the drum's Overheads?

Another thing (not related but this way I don't start another thread):

I always see pictures of the screen, in performance mode, with the image of the whole drum kick assigned to only one channel, or only the kick drum icon.

Are there icons for all the pieces of the drum kit?

If so, will it not be crazy and confusing having the screen full with all the drum kit's parts...

It would be best to be able to assign all the drum related channels to the same drum kit icon.

This way you could just turn the whole kit up or down.

And, if you need,  have a fader group that you could open and have all the individual channels in there.

Is this possible?

I know it is possible to group channels. But can they be assigned to the same stage icon (i.e. the drum kit)?     

Re: Stereo pairs on mics
by eccofive on 2012-08-16 05:10:04.9660


just bought my m20d yesterday. yes, for every drumkit-piece there is a special icon.

this evening we gonna use the m20d for a rehearsal session and maybe i can give you

the answers to your other questions tomorrow.

but one thing i can tell you after 1 hour of use: for me it's the perfect tool!! GREAT STUFF!!

Re: Stereo pairs on mics
by dboomer on 2012-08-16 12:33:28.0710

You could easily create a stereo OH preset.  Start with the stereo grand piano patch, set the HP filter up to 300hz and resale the patch.  There is a stereo cymbal icon you can drop on it as well.

You cannot assign an icon to a subgroup, but you can title it.

Re: Stereo pairs on mics
by antonioctd on 2012-08-17 04:02:47.5170

That is good enough.

I'm just waiting for some reviews/video reviews and some feedback from longer term users and, if is all good, I'll spend the mighty 2500$

This thing really looks like what I need.

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