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XD-V70 background noise
by moehnen on 2012-08-18 06:26:52.0050

I recently bought a XD-V70 and I like the sound, esp. the EV-emulation (767), very much. But (non-muted) there is audible background noise in the frequency-range above 6kHz, especially with the 767-setting. I tested the XD-V70 in different locations and with different PAs, with both outputs - always the same behaviour. Switching the env-filter to 'norm' reduces the noise, but  speaking/singing into the mic brings the noise back again. With the band in the background it's no problem, but in between the songs it gets quite annoying. Is this a known issue? Shall I return the microphone?

With kind regards,


PS: found another topic with the same problem:">">

Re: XD-V70 background noise
by RonMarton on 2012-08-18 15:34:26.1870

As per that other discussion, Stefan...

I feel you're indeed unlucky enough to have one of the (I'm guessing) one-in-ten-thousand faulty units.

Like you, I love the silky bass of the EV N/D767 model for some male voices and none of my five THH12 handhelds yield anything other than room ambience behind the desired signal, regardless of the mic model selected.

Re: XD-V70 background noise
by moehnen on 2012-08-18 16:09:00.3250

Hello Ron,

thanks for your sad confirmation. It's a shame! It was the last set sold by the shop, so they can't  exchange it. I will go for the XD-V75 when I get my money back.

Re: XD-V70 background noise
by dboomer on 2012-08-18 16:46:30.5680

Hard to guess as to whether it is a hardware issue, but it could be.  You could try loosening the mic capsule and re-tightening just in case is is caused by a connection to the pogo pins.

I'm curious .... does it happen on all models?  If it is a hardware issue it should happen (although maybe in different amounts) on all of them.

Re: XD-V70 background noise
by RonMarton on 2012-08-18 18:25:23.4840

Try Don Boomer's suggestion first, Stefan...

But your shop should still be able arrange repairs rather than spending more for a whole new system, indeed they'd be compelled to do so if the system is still under warranty.

Having said that, I bought an "extra" XD-V75 to go with my existing eight XD-V70's and heartily recommend not only its extra features and mic models (if you like the 767 model, you'll doubtless appreciate the V75's addition of a model based on AKG's D5) but also its "future-proofing" USB upgradeability via Line 6 Monkey.

It's well worth the relatively small additional cost.

(Click on my pink avatar for details of my location rig.)  

Re: XD-V70 background noise
by moehnen on 2012-08-19 08:52:13.6290

That's what I already tried. I took a sharp look at the pogo pins and at the conductor pads of the mic capsule but I didn't recognize any corrosion or signs of dirt. With the capsule of the noise is gone. I guess the xd-v70 switches to mute if no capsule is present. I would like to try another capsule, for example one out of my old sm58. Where can I find a pinout for the pogo pins of the xd-v70?

Re: XD-V70 background noise
by RonMarton on 2012-08-19 14:25:20.7190

It still seems to me that you have a faulty handheld...

And that the best outcome would be for it to provide a bit of "leverage" to obtain a better deal on upgrading to a V75 !

Re: XD-V70 background noise
by moehnen on 2012-08-26 05:20:22.1430

Some good news. I spoke to the dealer I got my xd-v70 from and he send in the mic for repair. He said it won't last longer than 8 days because there is a line6 support center here in Germany.  So I'm awaiting the return auf my new born v70.

Dear Ron, dear Don, thanks for your help.

Re: XD-V70 background noise
by RonMarton on 2012-08-26 11:07:34.3030

It is a real pleasure to find that we can help, Stefan...

But I would not be surprised if it takes a little longer than the dealer has said before you can really enjoy that smooth "767" model, with sound as good as (but more control features and freedom than) actually having an Electro-Voice N/D 767 on a cable. 

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