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Pod HD Pro Rack & Pod HD500
by Salcedo305 on 2012-08-18 16:11:12.9810

Pod HD Pro Rack & Pod HD500

Hey people, first post here. im a long time user with my line6 m13 through digitech whammy,spacestation, dunlop crybaby, boss noisegate. im tired of hauling all this gear, so im looking into the line6 hd500 im sure i can acheive all the crazy sounds i do with my m13 and then some. BUT! im considering purchasing the Pod Hd Pro rack as well to keep in my studio. so when i create patches for a song would i be able to transfer the patches to the line6 hd500 when i hit the stage? most people would probly think this is silly to buy both but i would hate to constanly disasemble the pro from my studio rack to play a show. or constantly hook up hd500 to my studio rig to record.i just love convinience. and i cant decide if i should sell my line6M13 too.does the hd500 have an easy looper to use live like the M13? i would like everyones opinion & answers, thanks people.

Re: Pod HD Pro Rack & Pod HD500
by silverhead on 2012-08-18 18:39:34.8700

Yes - you can transfer pathces between the HD Pro and the HD500. It's not a direct transfer - you have to modify the Inputs because they are different, but it can easily be done.

Yes - the HD500 has a looper - up to 48 seconds.

Having said that, I note that you did not mention amp modeling. That is the real strength of the Pod HD series, whether HD Pro or HD500. If you plan to continue using your current amp setup for live play and are not interested in using the HD amp modeling then I suggest you shoud stick with your M13.

Re: Pod HD Pro Rack & Pod HD500
by Salcedo305 on 2012-08-18 20:05:36.9200

yeah you're right i really love using my orange cab with my peavey XXX set up. but i do have my heart set on purchasing the pod hd rack for studio recording. so i guess based on my experience with that , ill consider purchasing the hd500 for live shows....thanks again!

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