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First live gig
by avagabund on 2012-08-19 01:25:06.6970

Yesterday we had our first live gig with the M20d. It was a wedding party with about 150 invited people in a sports hall.

I prepared a setup and we used almost all channels. We play with 3 men and have normaly no sound engineer.

Thanks to the quick recording function, sound check was quick and precise and al band member could listen an give their comments.

We used three monitor busses.

With doing the first M20d-Mix and configuring 3 individual monitorings I had a lot to do. But everything worked and I had no problem with configuring the wishes of the band members.

As normal on wedding party, there were a lot of people who wanted to perform some speeches and funny (more or less) tasks. They use our radio mics and normaly I used to stay on stage for adjusting gain and send levels and to mute the mics when they walk directly in front of a speaker..

With the IPad connected over WLAN and the scene restore function, it was easy to sit in the back of the audience, mixing, muting and restoring the scene befor our next set.

Everything worked as I hoped and for us it was a big step in functionality.

Remark: running the remote app on the IPad uses a lot of power. We had to recharge it during the evening.


Re: First live gig
by eccofive on 2012-08-19 04:34:03.6370

hey vagabund!

we also had our first gig with the m20d on friday night. it was a "polterabend" :-)

it was the fastest soundcheck and the best sound we ever had. wow.

Ì'm playing in a rockabilly-band, so we have an acoustic double-bass which always caused trouble (feedbacks!!!)

with the m20d everything worked fine for us. i love this device!!!!

the best thing is that I never need do mind those eq-issues again!

Re: First live gig
by antonioctd on 2012-08-19 16:14:04.3510

So, how good is the feedback suppressor?

Re: First live gig
by avagabund on 2012-08-19 23:02:59.8160

We never have very high sound levels on stage, so feedback is not a big issue for us.

I had the FBS activated on the three voice mics (Beta58) and on some instrument condensor mic but i think it never set in.

Additional I worked a lot on the gate settings during the gig, to "close" instruments that are not used. Ex: when the accordion player puts down his instrument right near the monitor wedge while he plays bass for some songs, it couples back and swamp up the sound.

Re: First live gig
by Ruben40 on 2012-08-20 05:55:21.8900


I had very often a feedback problem with monitoring my acoustic guitar.

Now with the M20d I tried the feedback supressor (general) at the guitar channel before a live gig.


I increased the volume of my guitar until I heard the feedback.

After I think 0,5 seconds the feedback was blown away.

you see a line in the input frequency window of the channel.

The feedback problems are solved for me.

I don't recognize any changes in the sound.

Fantastic !!!!

Re: First live gig
by tochiro on 2012-08-20 08:25:22.4160

I also have a feedback problem with my Martin acoustic and was thinking about using the FBS when I buy the M20D. I was afraid it would change the sound... but it seems it does not from what you say :-)

How convenient is the on-board recorder?

Re: First live gig
by Ruben40 on 2012-08-21 07:20:21.6160

the onboard recorder was one big argument for buying the M20d.

You can record on the sdcard, that means you need no notebook or external gear.

recording quality is 24Bit 48kHz

Re: First live gig
by tochiro on 2012-08-21 09:08:40.6070

Sorry I was unclear, I did not mean the multi-channel recording but only the quick-capture recorder that allows you to play something, stop and go where the public is to hear what's the sound like.

Re: First live gig
by avagabund on 2012-08-21 22:35:43.7910

Hi tochiro,

it does what it should: Recording 20sec of all input channels after you press the recording button. On replay, it plays this 20secs in a loop an you can make adjustements on every channel. You can hear the adjustments directly on the outputs, so you can adjust channel after channel.

Hint: We played a song on soundcheck and i pressed the record button at the start of the refrain, where all voices and all instruments set in...

Re: First live gig
by avagabund on 2012-08-26 23:56:45.1060

Second live gig at saturday night.

Although it was another location, we could reuse the scenes from the gig befor and tweak them only a little bit. Soundcheck was incredible fast and precise.

Everything worked as expected.

btw: we carry the M20d in a grey plastic industry standard case with foam material inside. Cost: ~30Euro. Can be carried with one hand and can be stappled in the car together with the instruments.

Re: First live gig
by eccofive on 2012-08-27 00:10:00.5750

hey, avagabund!

do you have a link for this case? i need one, too.

last gig we used the ipad as a remote. wow. works great. plug and play!

a friend of mine works as a sound-engineer. he was not amused, as he realised that this machine does a great job. hahaha...

Re: First live gig
by eklynx on 2012-08-27 16:39:31.8090

I'm using this case and it works well with all my accessories i need for my gigs:

Re: First live gig
by avagabund on 2012-08-28 02:56:31.1830

Hi eccofive,

sorry, I have a only a pickup adress in switzerland for this boxes.

They are available in different colors and different sizes. Pick the size that fits your needs.


I put a 3cm foam upholstery inside and sticked it with duble sided tape to the walls/bottom/top.

It suits my needs to carry the mixer in my car to the gigs.

Re: First live gig
by Davemwilkinson on 2012-08-28 02:59:57.6680

Hi all, I have done 3 gigs so far with the stagescape, and have 3 problems that with a software up date would make the desk perfect in my eyes.

1. I am not enjoying using the hardware encoders. When I have used faders on my old desks the same amount of movement on the fade is always constant, but on the encoders when I adjust the knobs it's hit and miss as to the amount of gain I am adding. This is a big problem if I am DJing between sets and I want to dip a track to talk over, a quick change on the knobs give a different result every time. ( does anybody else have this problem? Or am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting to adjust sensitivity )

2 it would be nice to change the contrast, color or size of the arrows above the channel names that indicate where the volume/ fx / gain is. On a stage and at arms length it a bit difficult for me to see at a  quick glance how much volume is applied to a channel ( again with fades at quick glance I can see every body's level)

3 no so important but as its easy to do a work around, but maybe like iTunes when using the media player it would be nice to have an auto stop at the end of each track. If there was a basic cross fade as a setting between tracks in the play list that would also be great.

I hope nobody thinks I am moaning! I am really starting to love the desk but a couple of times during gigs when I have quickly adjusted a vocal and over shot then under shot my target, has made me wondering if I made the right choice of mixer for our needs.

Re: First live gig
by avagabund on 2012-08-28 04:28:33.8730

The hardware encoder work same like the computer mouse cursor: The faster you move the mouse, the biger way the cursor goes.

I like the feature. If you want to open a channels level from -oo to 0 you can turn the knob quick. If you want to make a small adjustement, you turn it slow for some clicks.

Same for the master knob. A fast turn to the left closes the master level to -oo

Re: First live gig
by eklynx on 2012-08-28 10:34:23.8190

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be consistent.  I have a hard time quickly dialing into a value when i need just a burst of delay for one quick second and then pull back.  My workaround is I just use the iPad interface which is MUCH more percice with targetting values.

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