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M20D and Studiolive 16.4.2 comparisons
by ggz123 on 2012-08-19 13:44:18.2750

I am loving this mixer.  Most shows our 5 piece band play I run the live sound.  I have found the pre-sets are very close to being good to go, the effects top notch and the ease and recording quality excellent.

This is my first Line 6 product and it is replacing my Presonus Studio live16.4.2, which is a very good digital mixer as well. If any of you are interested, here is a quick comparison that I have found....


1.  M20D has a much smaller foot print and seems about 1/3 lighter in weight making it much easier to transport and set up.

2.  IMHO, the effects (4 vs 2 on the STL) are of a much highter quality.

3.  The option of "tweak" vs. "deep tweak" make is simple to use for the beginner or experienced sound guy. 

4.  THE RECORDING!!!!  The quality is better, the options to record to SDRAM is awesome and you don't need a laptop/pc to do so.  The tracks are pre-effects so you can simply import and edit in your favorite DAW.  I use Sony Acid Pro 7.

5.  As stated prior, most of the pre-sets seems pretty much plug and play and require little tweaking for a live performance/gig.

6.  The auto trim is great and a god send for instruments when recording is being done.  However, I will start a new discussion after this regarding auto-trim and vocals....

7.  Sound can be run via iPad from a someone in the audience.  Same with the STL, however no laptop and wireless router is needed with the M20D. Just the suggested wifi USB adapters.

Cons (relatively speaking)

1.  4 aux outs vs. 6 on the STL.  Not a real issue for our band due to the fact 2 of them members share a mono mix when we use are IEMs.  This may be a problem for other bands using IEMs and want several stereo aux mixes.

2.  Only a couple of WiFi adapters will work on the M20D.  I have the Engenius.  The Linksys 1000AE is no longer sold by local electronic stores as it has been replaced by the 1200AE and above.  More WiFi compatibility will hopefully be available with later O/S releases.

2.  The M20D does not come with rack mount ears as does the STL.

3.  Cost - $2500 vs $1900.  However, I believe the extra money is worth it. 

Also, the first unit I received was defective.  It has a flickering screen and a USB port that wouldn't function.  Line 6 quickly helped resolve the issue and orchestrated shipping me a new unit overnight at no cost.  I have since used the current mixer the past 2 weekends with no issues at all.

Hope this is helpful.

Re: M20D and Studiolive 16.4.2 comparisons
by line6jonb on 2012-08-20 15:45:31.9940

Thank you very much for the comparison and review.  We are very pleased that you have had so much success after the prior unit's malfunction.  By the way, that unit was an isolated incident.  Happy performing.

Re: M20D and Studiolive 16.4.2 comparisons
by superflybass on 2012-09-10 21:07:51.9660

so are you still happy with it  anything that you believe you are missing in the line 6 unt  I am thinking about getting one after our line6 rep showed us his

Re: M20D and Studiolive 16.4.2 comparisons
by dkleiner on 2012-09-18 18:31:17.3270

I am looking to move up from an Allen&Heath Zed22FX to a Stagescape or the 16.4.2. We are a six-piece band that uses Bose 1 towers (2) and four Bose bass bins. We mix from the stage but are musicians, not engineers. The more I read, the more I am intrigued by the Soundscape.

How has your unit been working for you?

Re: M20D and Studiolive 16.4.2 comparisons
by antonioctd on 2012-09-19 05:09:45.0380

Best feature of the StageScape M20d

Ok, I'll make a bold statement:

The M20d is the only mixer that will make you sound better even without using it at the GIG!

I've been GIGing and rehearsing with the M20d for a little while now.

The best thing that happened it that my both my bands are playing better! 

How that happens?

We record all the rehearsals and gigs in multitrack. Then I'll take the mixer home and fine tune the mix.

So our live mixes are getting better and better because they are mixed with time and patience just like a studio mix.

I make every thing sound great without touching the main out DSP. I use that to correct for the PA and room at the gig. 

Also, I'll have all the time, piece and quiet to evaluate all the performance!

I'll make notes about what I think needs rehearsal and correction and send the mixes to my band mates via e-mail so that they can draw their own conclusions.

Then, I'll send to each one a mix with their track way louder so they have a solid reference of what they've done.

And a mix without their part so they can use it as a baking track to practice at home!

All this process put's a little more workload on my shoulders.

But both bands are progressing at an amazing pace! It's incredible!

This thing (the M20d) is amazing because is the first mixer that also makes the source (band) sound better!

So, even if you play a gig with rented or local sound and don't use thee M20d. You will still sound better because of it.

Because it helped you rehearsing and improving your band's performance!


Thanks Line6

Re: M20D and Studiolive 16.4.2 comparisons
by ggz123 on 2012-09-28 10:30:17.2730

Yes, I am still happy with it.  In fact, I sold my Presonus studiolive 16.4.2.  The only thing I have done different from my original post is I purchased rack ears (VERY EASY INSTALLATION) and a  SKB 1SKB-R106 - 10U Over 6U case.  The case has a slant top, cord routing options and a hard top as well.  I will install my DBX Driverack PA + and 2 wireless receiver and power conditioner and still have room to spare if ever needed.  This will all weigh only 40 lbs which is very managable and considerably less than my EV ELX112P, ELX115P, QSC KW153 speakers or KW181 subs.  It will also make setup and tear down SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everything will be pre cabled....just pop off the top of the case, run the calbes to the speakers, call up any saved pre-set from the M20D, quick sound check, hit record and BOOM the Gig starts.  The rack is arriving this morning and we have a gig tomorrow night that will be approx a 2 hour drive to get there.  AS you all probably know, any time saved setting up is very valuable, but after the gig when you are dead tired after laying out your soul on the stage for 3-4 hours, any time tearing down is a GOD SEND!!!!!

I love this mixer, I love the Line 6 tech support folks, they have all been great.......from John who seems to be the one who usually takes my call to the managers and the parts folks.  I have already posted my story regarding the first Line 6 unit I had and how Line 6 fixed it over night, well here is part II of the story......I received the rack ear installation kit from BHPHOTO early this week, however, the necessary screws and washers and instructions were missing. The instructions are very easy, no manual needed.  I called Line 6 tech support to get info regarding screw sizes so I could just run down to Home Depot to pick some up.  Line 6 over nighted the screws unsolicited.  Unbelievable service and courtesy when I call.  They are awesome  As I have stated before, I am a vocalist and keyboard player so this was my first Line 6 purchase.  I have owned Presonus, Korg, Yamaha, DBX, EV, QSC, and many other brands in the past and have never had any support that came close to what I have received from Line 6.  That alone would make me tell you to buy the M20D over any other mixer that was in the same class....but, the M20D is just a better unit.  Less complicated, just as configurable as you want it to be without having to be a rocket scientist (sound engineer) to get a great sound.  The pre-sets are professional and gig ready without any tweaking if neeeded.  IT IS THAT GOOD.

Buy this, don't think twice and make your life easier and your music ventures more pleasurable.

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