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Reconfiguring speakers as stereo monitor?
by arstrand on 2012-08-20 03:28:13.6400

Can the speakers be reconfigured from their automatic settings?  

Stereo Monitor

My wife and I sit on an 8 foot platform and want to put a pair behind us as a monitor feeding forward.   Yes it feeds the house that way and we are currently doing that with a pair of JBL EON speakers.  Aesthetically it looks better than standing forward.

Sitting on floor not stand

We want to sit the speakers on the floor withotu a stand and have them face forward without the upward tilt.   The platform is about 5 feet higher than the audience so that puts the speakers at ear level.   We don't want to raise them due to aesthetic reasons.

So in both cases, and others, can you override the speaker settings detected by the speaker "level?"


Re: Reconfiguring speakers as stereo monitor?
by dboomer on 2012-08-20 08:11:36.9850

Yes, you can set them any way you want.  You are not restricted to the auto-setup mode at all.


I should have been more clear.  If you are using Line 6 link to connect the speakers then the L&R inputs will be summed to any speaker in the horizontal position.  So to use "stereo wedges" you must connect them via their analog inputs.  If you want to utilize Line 6 link, you will need to send a 2 channel monitor mix to the pair of wedges.

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