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POD 2.0 & computer
by canibill on 2012-08-20 04:14:39.4890

I just bought a POD 2.0. It is now connected into my computer's line-in with a cable that has one 1/8 on the other end and two 1/4 cables on the other end.

However, i can't seem to figure out what do i need to do to actually hear the guitar sound when i'm playing. I tried recording something to Audacity and it sounded just right, all settings & effects & amp models sound just like they're supposed to. The line-in volume meter in the Recording Devices window (I'm using windows 7 btw) also rises whenever i play something, so the computer clearly receives the audio signal. The thing is that i cannot hear anything myself.

(I have "Listen to this device" on in the line-in settings.)

E; I found out something new; i actually cannot hear the Line-in signal at all, even if i'm not using POD. I tried connecting my guitar straight into the line-in, same thing; computer receives the signal but doesn't allow me to listen.

The annoying thing is IT WORKED JUST FINE 2 DAYS AGO.

And no, nothing is muted, not the line-in, the speakers, anything.

Re: POD 2.0 & computer
by Triryche on 2012-08-20 06:44:06.0300

Do you have more than one Line-In?

On some soundcards the Line-In from a header (usually the front of the computer) will not pass audio to the Line Out on the back.

Re: POD 2.0 & computer
by canibill on 2012-08-20 08:40:50.5980

I only have one line-in. However, simply restarting the computer fixed my problem..... Oops.

Now it's all working as intended.

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