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V70 - and Want to go back to previous firmware
by djottoolson on 2012-08-21 15:49:14.8380

I bought 2 line 6 V70's off of ebay that had the updated firmware.   The problem is that I get dropouts all the time with this firmware.

In one of my other setups has the older firmware, and I never get dropouts.  Any way to revert to the old firmware?   I do not have a V75 to update the V70 with either.


Re: V70 - and Want to go back to previous firmware
by RonMarton on 2012-08-21 16:35:29.5670

First off, it's an easy "push button" fix at your transmitters for reverting your new purchases to the more robust "RF1" scheme of frequencies that are loaded into your existing gear.

(F.Y.I. a discussion of the relative merits of both schemes can be found here: )

In my opinion, downloading the V75 instruction manual pdf is the quickest and clearest way for you to learn the simple push-button protocol for switching the later firmware enabled transmitters back to RF1, it'll give you details of the additional features that have arrived with your fabulous new acquisitions.

You'll find it here:

Incidentally, it's an absolute requirement that all XD-V systems be operating in the same RF scheme (be it RF1 or RF2) when working near each other, ...which could just be the source of the grief that prompted this discussion. 

I'm confident that you'll shortly be enjoying the new "toys" as much as I do and that your enjoyment may even prompt a visit to a Line 6 stockist who may possibly be "sweet-talked" ("...If this works, I will definitely be back to buy everything else in your store..." etc. etc.) into allowing you an online hour or so with a V75, which is all you'd need to upgrade the firmware, thereby gaining those features for all of your gear.

All the very best from "down under".

Re: V70 - and Want to go back to previous firmware
by dboomer on 2012-08-22 08:05:30.9380

If you are mixing RF1 and RF2 modes you will have big problems.  As Ron says, you will need to switch the newer versions to be operating in RF1 mode like the older ones are.  If the new ones are being used independently in RF2 mode, you will need to scan for Wi-Fi (built into the setup mode) to make sure that the channels you pick will work in your venue.

That said, you can revert firmware in Monkey and it would require a V75 receiver as it is the interface to your computer via USB.  I would strongly advise you not to do it.

Re: V70 - and Want to go back to previous firmware
by RonMarton on 2012-08-22 13:52:17.9010

That's a hearty "me too !" as far as Don Boomer's (typically) sage advice NOT to go "backwards" with the firmware...

I may not have been clear enough, ...I'm suggesting "borrowing" an XD-V75 receiver from a dealer solely for the purpose of bringing the older V70 mics up to "V75" firmware, not for reverting the newer firmware to the older version.

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