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Roomy Sound in Acoustic and Reso Samples
by BBender1 on 2012-08-23 13:11:43.0280

I am an audio engineer/guitarist and have been for a long time.  I bought a JTV-59 for both live and recording.

When I auditioned the samples I found out that both the acoustic samples and the reso samples all seem to have a room sound in the sample.  This just doesn’t work for me.  Any engineer can add the amount of room in a sound but there is no way to take it out if you want dry, tight sound.  Is anybody else experiencing this?

Re: Roomy Sound in Acoustic and Reso Samples
by MerlinFL on 2012-08-23 13:36:35.6530

Hi - you've must have recently bought your guitar.  This room acoustic sound has been a hot topic over 6 months back when the update 1.81 came out which dealt with several problems, and was the first introduction of the new HD modeled acoustic guitars.  None of the other acoustic guitars were modified from the literal original digitized samples from the original JTV guitar release and even perhaps were never modified from the original Variax guitar release back in 2005.

My suggestion for you is to learn all you can about what version of software you are running in your guitar and then choose to either move up to the 1.82 version or go backwards giving up many of the POD HD functionality and get the 1.72/1.71 JTV software versions.  All but the 1.81 have little to no room ambience.  And as a matter of clarity - it's not room ambience you are hearing, it's the high definition of the internal body resonance that line 6 tech people chose to model when creating the HD acoustic guitar models.  The Reso bank was not updated or changed from the original in any version of this software.

Nearly all of us who use the JTV guitar and the acoustic models were unhappy with the choice Line 6 made and those same unhappy people all asked for a dry acoustic sound for the exact reasons you've stated.  Line 6 chose to issue 1.82 to give a small percentage of the tone knob "mic position control" to a drier acoustic sound.  But please keep in mind that this only applies to the acoustic bank of those 5 guitars and not to anything else that were never remodeled to HD.  The Banjo in particular has always sounded like it does, same for the Resonator. If you're looking for totally dry acoustic instruments - I doubt any software version will be to your liking.

Best of luck,


Re: Roomy Sound in Acoustic and Reso Samples
by BBender1 on 2012-08-23 13:45:44.7230

Thank you Neal.
I didn't even know that there was a 1.82 available.  I don't think that it showed up in the firmware choices in Monkey.  I'll look again but just in case, it there a specific URL that I need to look for? BTW  Considering that I'm going to be using it live also,  I really don't want to give up the HD500 connectivity.



Re: Roomy Sound in Acoustic and Reso Samples
by MerlinFL on 2012-08-24 11:28:11.7940

Hi Mark - to answer your first question.  It's in the download section and you can filter the search results by picking the JTV or however it is listed as your search parameter and I'm sure it will show up with a more recent date than the 1.81 and the older ones should also show up of 1.72 and 1.71 which originally came with the first release of this product line.

The second statement you made might have been misunderstood based on how I wrote it answer.  You will always have the use and patch change, power supply VDI connection in any software version, but what you gain by going with 1.81 or 1.82 is that the guitar now also works as a controller if you choose to set it that way utilizing the volume, tone or both.  It also can "lock out" these knobs from changing ONLY on the modeled guitar patches, so if you choose to create a dual guitar patch which has both a modeled guitar in the same tuning as the electric guitar, locking the volume & tone knobs keep you from changing the modeled guitar volume and tone while still allowing you to adjust the mag pick-ups volume and tone.  There are several other variations and options of these new features, but I hope I've at least clarified that you will never be giving up the patch change and power supply function by using any JTV software version.

And if it's not obvious - these features only work with the POD HD units that have a VDI connection built in and you must also have the most recent software version for that unit for this new JTV updates to work as well.  2.02 is the version I'm most familiar with for the HD500 & PRO that are designed to work together with these new JTV features. 

Glad I could help and inform you about features these products have readily available.  Just for my own sake of curiosity, any reason why you were unaware of the various JTV and perhaps the POD HD500 software updates?  My view of Line 6 has been built over nearly 10 years of using and updating the gear I own.  Very curious if you are a newbie to this Line 6 experience, or any other reasons why you were not aware of these updates if you wish to share.

Take care,


Re: Roomy Sound in Acoustic and Reso Samples
by BBender1 on 2012-08-26 11:01:38.7520

Thanks Neal.

I did have 1.82 in the Variax after all. My next step is to be able to edit the Variax...then the 500 after I get the "recording" sounds done,  I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a power input on the USB interface to the Variax so that it can be powered by that device.  I still don’t know if the Variax signal will be able to be passed through the USB to be able to hear the edited changes.  I use Cubase as my recording platform and when I try to run both…Cubase locks up so I'm going to have to load the Workbench on my laptop and run the signal through Cubase on the "music machine" for auditioning.

I’ve been trying to find an advanced manual on the JTV version of the Workbench.  So Far…No Luck.   Any suggestions for finding that and the Manual for the latest HD500 firmware?

Regarding the HD500.  My 500 has a bunch of patches that I have stored and work very well for me.  The only fear that I have is that when I update to the 2.02 that my patches will change.  In the past when I updated my Pod XT,  the sounds were just not there so I had to revert to an earlier firmware.  It was as if they "compressed" the files so that they could have memory space in order to sell aftermarket firmware....whatever it was,  the sounds were not as good.   I have been aware of HD-500 updates but because of my past experiences, didn't want to update something that was working for me.


Re: Roomy Sound in Acoustic and Reso Samples
by MerlinFL on 2012-08-27 08:39:53.3000

Hi Mark - you're looking at how the JTV guitar works a bit sideways.  It's not a USB guitar.  You can simply plug the guitar into your DAW using the 1/4" jack and it runs off the supplied long lasting rechargeable battery.  Use it just like a standard guitar except that with Workbench you can modify or create any guitar you want or need. Or you can run it as a more typical LP without any modeling and just the mag pups.

I'm not fmiliar with Cubase I use Reaper and the L5 UX8 Toneport as my interface.  It works perfectly with any instrument I choose to record including a mixed acoustic drum kit using a standard mixer, then into two of the XLR input in stereo mode.

If you don't need or want any of the new features - then don't update it.  Otherwise, save your patches, or bundle of patches, then update the HD500, reinstall your patches or bundle, and go from there.  The pre-made sounds should not be much different if at all since the 2.02 software is more about the inconnectivity between the JTV and ther HD500, plus some new amps, pres, etc. as well as more in depth speaker cabinet adjustments.  If you don't like the nw versin - roll it back.  No harm, no foul.

Advanced manuals are all located in the same plae on the website.  I've never need any advanced manuals for the gear I have as I've been part opf Beta teams testing it and mostly being ignored with my suggestions or even worse, bug discoveries.  I do not honestly know of anyone ever wrote an updated Workbench Advanced guide.

I hope this info helps clear up how best to use the JTV guitar and your other concerns.


Re: Roomy Sound in Acoustic and Reso Samples
by BBender1 on 2012-08-30 12:39:54.4520

Well.  A 1 1/2 weeks later I finally have the 59 ready to go.  Had issues with a lot of little stuff.  Set up (intonation, string buzzes, etc., variax string volume levels, and the awkward way that these had to be addressed.  Boy I wish there was some decent documentation...Like the non-existant "Advanced Users Guide".
After syncing it to my HD500 and setting up a new series of patches,  I went to work on the individual sound with the Workbench...and discovered that the acoustic sounds in my original Variax Acoustic 700 are a lot better for me than what I can get out of the JTV.  I don't care what you call it...there is a roomy sound in the JTV models that are (as a recording engineer) pretty darn usless.  I guess that I'll have to keep the 700 but wish that the 59 was as good.  It would be so much easier.

Re: Roomy Sound in Acoustic and Reso Samples
by geriatric on 2012-09-02 04:42:07.9330


If it's some advanced pdf's you need for Workbench, go to this thread and you'll find them in one of the posts. Hope that helps.


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