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Best cables for amp and cab connection?
by evilmikehoo on 2012-08-23 15:22:22.7140

I presently own a spidervalve 212 mkI and am thinking about buying a spidervalve 100 mkII and the spidervalve 412 cab. I would also like to have the choice to hook this cab to the 212. What cables are recommended for both setups? Any brand recommendations and lengths?

Re: Best cables for amp and cab connection?
by esibanjack on 2012-08-24 10:39:01.5770

Just make sure they are speaker cables and not instrument cables, and the length and brand will probably depend on how much of an audiophile you are. One guy could be happy with the sound he's getting from the cheapest 30ft cable he can find, while another will fret that the 2ft gold-plated Monster cable might not be getting the job done. My advice would be to start cheap and only as long as you think you're going to need and then go from there.

Re: Best cables for amp and cab connection?
by geppert on 2012-08-25 18:22:20.7500

I've been REAL happy with the Planet Waves PW-S-05, Custom Series 5' - 1/4 (TS) to 1/4 (TS) 14 AWG Speaker Cable. It is a terrific bang for the buck IMHO.

Re: Best cables for amp and cab connection?
by jmccosar on 2012-09-10 21:07:56.4590

Hey EvilMike,

I have both a SV MK212 and a SV HD100.  I love the sound of the 212, for some reason, I dont get the same warmth and tones from my HD100 through the 412 with vintage celestion speakers.  I did have to find a good speaker cable.  While it did help the sound somewhat, I end up playing through the 212 more than anything and have contemplated getting rid of the HD100.

I'll be posting a question on this soon, as I really did enjoy the HD100, but the tone loss is horrible and I cant see having spent this much on an HD100 head and cab and then have the 212 sound much better.



Re: Best cables for amp and cab connection?
by SSstormtrooper on 2012-09-19 01:05:30.2020

Always try to keep the wires as short as possible that makes sense. Mogami is a really top notch cable that is decently priced I have found. I use them for running some rack gear to a mixer,pa setup and they are dead silent. I'd try to avoid the way overpriced Monster cables as I have heard many nightmares about them.

Other names I think are good from past usage. Traynor,Belden,Planetwaves

Re: Best cables for amp and cab connection?
by cgtrox on 2012-09-19 14:49:39.9570

Check this place for some great product at awesome prices!


Re: Best cables for amp and cab connection?
by mtnman82 on 2012-09-29 18:24:04.4040

I go with Rapco/Horizon cables now adays.  Best bang for the buck on quality cables (both speaker and instrument) and there are several levels/grades to choose from.

I will never buy a monster cable again.  Terrible quality, especially for the $$ they cost.

BTW, you want speaker cables for connecting between the amp and speakers, NOT and instrument or guitar cable.

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