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2nd hand Toneport UX2
by Kharem on 2012-08-24 01:56:27.7980

Hi, I just got a 2nd hand Toneport UX2 and just started playing around with it, I got both pod farm 1.2 and 2.5 because I had a bit of a look around before getting it and there was something about the toneport version of the ux2 not coming with 2.5, it works fine in both but 2.5 is acting as the free version, what I'm mainly wondering if this is to do with it being 2nd hand and connected the old owners account or that the toneports dont come with the standard version of the ux2, and simply buying it would get me everything in the standard pack.

On another note I was wondering if there was also addons or restrictions to the 1.2 version because there are some things that are listed in presets but I can't use (like most the stuff in 2.5), and if so were I would look for them. Or if I'm just better off sorting out the 2.5 probelms and using that.

Lastly it was just a trade (plus some money) for an old head I had, so it wasn't an official transactions or anything (found a post about a 2nd hand thing and they were asked for a screenshot of the transaction or something) but the guy said he would look for the origonal receipt from when he got it new if this would help with moving it over to my account. I'm still in contact with him if he needs to do anything on his side of the account as well.

Thanks for any advice or help from anyone that has experience with 2nd hand licencing or the toneport ux2's in general,


Re: 2nd hand Toneport UX2
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-24 04:10:09.2400

no toneport would have a 2.5 license.. toneports came with a gearbox license and got a free upgrade to pod farm 1 when released.

a 2.5 license will cost you... but you also get the plugin functionality for that...

and yes.. many models are locked and you have to buy model packs to unlock.

this is all if you really have a toneport... (redface unit)

if you have a pod studio (blackface unit)

you may have a 2.5 license and the plugin functionality, but the same models would still be locked.

Re: 2nd hand Toneport UX2
by Kharem on 2012-08-24 05:13:17.2900

Alright thanks, thats basically what I was assuming from reading through so posts about them but wanted to make sure before I paid for one.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Re: 2nd hand Toneport UX2
by Kharem on 2012-08-24 06:41:20.8990

Sorry to reopen this but I'v sifted through like 20 posts and can't find anything that clarifies something, I was about to buy 2.5 and was contemplating the metal shop addon, then I was wandering if it would be possible to only get the metal shop addon since almost everything I would use is included in that alone, if it would run perfectly fine through the free version of pod farm 2.5, and if not would I be able to run it through the free version of 1.2? And lastly, I know there is limitations on amp models and all that for free versions of both 1.2 and 2.5 but is there any limitation on recording with the free versions?

Sorry for asking so many simple questions that are probably posted everywhere but I'v been sitting here for like 4 hours getting nowhere.

Re: 2nd hand Toneport UX2
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-24 06:46:40.6840

i don't think that there are any issues recording with the free version...

but i did ask the same question in the beginning regarding just getting model packs, and they opted not to do that....

basically you have to have pod farm and then whatever model packs... the model packs won't work wit the free version.

feel free to ask as many questions as you need

Re: 2nd hand Toneport UX2
by Kharem on 2012-08-24 08:32:36.5710

Alright, but of a bummer but pretty much what I was expecting. Are there any other similar programs to pod farm that I would be able to use with the toneport ux2? I would probably rather the pod farm stuff but just seems a bit much, $150 and I would use such a small portion of it, would probably me much more justified if I paid a wider range of music but atm its a bit excessive.

Thanks for the quick replies btw.

Re: 2nd hand Toneport UX2
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-24 09:33:34.9970

the same sounds are in pod farm 1 which you have a license for... just get the model pack you want and use away!

2.5 has a few bonuses, but nothing you can't live without....

2.5 allows multiple instances of effects, and you can setup your chain anyway you like... 64bit plugins, some extra midi capability, and "elements" which means you can use smaller plugins for simple effects rather than a full instance of pod farm....

pod farm 1 works exactly like a pod x3, dual tones and all...

it's pretty reasonable...

Re: 2nd hand Toneport UX2
by Kharem on 2012-08-24 17:06:37.0230

Oh, thats pretty sick, I might just get the metal shop pack then and use it with 1.2 and get 2.5 in the future when I'm a bit more comfortable with the program and recording in general, thanks for all your help man, saved me another 4 hours of searching the forums finding no clear answers.

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