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G30 Battery covers are messed up
by jab11 on 2012-08-24 08:02:07.8230

I bought a G30 which worked well for almost one gig. Battery life didn't get to 8 hours, and mostly I couldn't shut the battery cover completely. Found myself at a gig trying 3 different sets of batteries and couldn't get it working. Not only do I have the battery door issue, but most times I just can't get a signal out of it -  unsure if that's related to the battery compartment or not. So I gave up on it and took it back to Guitar Center to either return it or swap for another G30. I tried 2 other new G30 units and those battery covers wouldn't close either. 3 salesmen at the store tried to put batteries in 3 different G30's and all thought it was pretty screwed up. So I bought a G50 (which I didn't want) only because I could close a battery door. It's got extra features & weight & cost I really don't need. What's up with that Line 6? I've seen a lot of complaints on the battery compartment of the G30 and I figured those were isolated situations. Apparently not. $300 unit, I just don't get it. So maybe I'm a sucker and decided to plop down another $100 to close a battery door. I had a Shure unit that worked for 10 years so tried this "upgrade". Hmmm.

Re: G30 Battery covers are messed up
by tadium54 on 2012-08-26 15:19:41.3840

If you still can, return the G50 and get the G30 back. The G50 also has issues associated with the proprietary cable for the transmitter. The G30 has a much easier fix - get a bike innertube and cut a portion out of it place the batteries in and use the cut innertube to keep the battery door closed. Zipties will also work, as I've used both mods to fix my G30.

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