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Line 6 V35 odd behaviour...signal
by discoian on 2012-08-25 01:43:38.8790

Hi. I have a V30 and it's great.  Because of this, I bought a V35 and it's not so great.

Firstly, if I put the V30 on say channel 1 and the V35 on channel 6, it works fine, however, the signal LED's on the V35 receiver disappear and turn red.  I can still hear the output of that mic, but not all the time, sometimes it just drops out completely.  I tried different channels, different leads, different batteries, everything.  If I use the V35 on it's own, I get the same problem.  It doesn't appear to matter if I am in a room with a strong wi-fi signal (from say a nearby router) or a room with no wi-fi at all in close proximity.

Thinking I had a broken unit, I returned it to the shop for a new one, and the new one does the same.

Anyone else have a problem like this?

Re: Line 6 V35 odd behaviour...signal
by dboomer on 2012-08-25 10:24:34.4970

The V35 out of the box runs in RF2 mode.  In this mode you MUST know if wi-fi is operating in your area and pick appropriate channels to go with it.  There also exist the possibility that there can be no channels open.  Have you measured to see if there is any wi-fi operating in the area.  There usually is even if it's not under your control.

Just switch your V35 to run in RF1 mode and it will work like the V30.  If you try to use both the V30 and V35 (switched into RF2 mode) there's a good chance that one or both of them won't work.

Re: Line 6 V35 odd behaviour...signal
by RonMarton on 2012-08-25 14:35:15.4510

For a bit more of the background behind Don Boomer's typically concise and accurate reply, you may find a full read-through of this old discussion informative (its initial topic having been the RF1 frequency scheme vs the newer RF2) as it goes on to address more than one of the issues you've recently mentioned in various threads.

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