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Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by orangekrushmn on 2012-08-25 11:14:39.3000

Hey there,

I am currently aquiring a Pod HD Pro, and I was curious to see if anybody knew a wise power amp to use with it that is rackmounted as well.

It is being paired with a Randall RT412CX Cabinet, which is a 100w cab with an 8 ohm impedance setting.

Any help would be very much appreciated, because I need to make sure I can get the right power amp and not destroy anything.



Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by DarthHollis on 2012-08-25 12:40:14.5650

These are being used with POD HDs and with Axe-Fx.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by niall182 on 2012-08-26 03:09:16.7840


Seriously consider Rocktron Velocity 300, its a 1u stereo (or mono) 300watt power amp, (150watt stereo or 300watt mono) designed for guitars...solid state and runs very cool...I've had mine for over a year, run it with a Digitech 2120 (soon to be replaced by a Pod HD Pro)...the thing sounds like a valve amp but without the hassle of valves or overheating or tube replacement or being 2/3u high! I gig in a pro band 2/3 times a week...never fails built properly, Rocktron make excellent mine from Thoman on line...get the 300 nothing the way this is very very loud if you want it to be!


Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by HDProJohn on 2012-08-26 20:42:47.2210

Dude, there are tons of options... Matrix is all the new rage lately, while Rocktron is the other SS contender. Supposedly Fryette is designing a 1u to compete as well. For valve amps you got Mesa 50/50 (what I use because my buddy is lending me his even though I'm jonesing for something that doesn't color so damn much - I require studio and live patches), 2:50 and the 2:90. VHT has some that are regarded as the cat's ass, and even Carvin has one that's supposed to be decent. I know there are more, but these are off the top of my head. Really depends on which tubes you'd want to run too. Recently I saw Glasscloud and their guy was running 2 Axe ultras through 2 Crown PA amps...even though on the Matrix site he's endorsed. That'd be an option too.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by jimsreynolds on 2012-08-27 01:58:02.3000

The other alternative is to skip the rack completely and go down the powered speaker route.  This can work very well for some people depending on tastes and application.  There are good FRFR speakers out there that will not colour your sound and have plenty of poke for use either as backline or monitoring ... or both.  

QSC  and Mackie make some nice gear (amongst others) and it is also worth looking at the new Line 6 offerings (Stagesource L3) which integrate well with the HD series and have a building reputation here for live use with a POD (the L3T).

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by orangekrushmn on 2012-08-27 11:46:11.3790

Opinions on this little guy? I'm just trying to find something with correct impedances">">

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by orangekrushmn on 2012-08-27 11:48:13.0610

Or even this one. This was the original amp I was going to get, but I think 1000 watts would be overkill for a 100 watt cab. and its a crown. I saw this band called Volumes and their guy is using one with his axe fx and two mesa cabs. I'm not sure how that would work, but would using it with one cab be overload?">">

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by jcosta_sr on 2012-08-28 12:43:59.7730

I have an Atomic 112-50 cab.  I am interested in this:

Reactor 50/50 Rackmount Stereo Power Amp:

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by HDProJohn on 2012-08-28 13:26:36.9390

Not to be a jerk, but you need to do some research if you are asking a forum which amplifier to buy according to impedence only. There are so many other variables that nobody can give you the "best" answer. Such as, will you be wanting to run a different cab for different style of sounds (hi-gain vs. clean, for example)? What style of music is it even for (doom/sludgy metal vs. djenty/progressive/rock/whatever-core vs. pop/country cleans would all get a different vote from me for tube choice)? Do you play in a balls loud band or are you a bedroom player? Like Jim Reynolds mentioned, will you ever be wanting to go FRFR and/or just output to the house PA? Are you happy with the emulated tube feeling in the Pod or do you want physical tubes? Get my point yet?

Both of the amps you listed would work. The Crown would probably require a Speakon to 1/4" cable and could definitely overpower a guitar cab (I've only used them for PA applications, personally). The SS Carvin would work too; however, I'd be a bit worried if I was to purchase it because it doesn't have a fan. Go read for at least a week and figure out what you're shooting for and what you want to do with the Pod.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by orangekrushmn on 2012-09-14 00:37:04.0240

Okay. Screw the power amp. Screw the cab.

A friend of mine showed me the benefit of hooking it up straight to the p.a. And being able to get the same sound on stage and in the crowd. It is for a progressive metal band. Think circle of contempt/born of Osiris.

So the minister system is the way to go after much thinking. It'll cut down on hauling everything around in a way as well. So an I going to need my own mixer for my minister as well?

However, there is another problem we face with pulling off our live show. I need to devise a way for our drummer to play to his click track and still trigger our samples at the same time for our set. I am probably overthinking it again, but is it logical to run it from a laptop? I'm just aiming for the tightest sounding set possible. I'm not sure if you are familiar with a band called volumes but I feel they do the same thing.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by HDProJohn on 2012-09-14 07:44:03.9160

I'm in a similar group, here's what we do. Other guitarist (Axe II) and I run DI into our PA as well as using our cabs for stage volume and additional monitoring. We use a MBP with Ableton Live for all of the samples and click (imported from bounced PT10 session files). This way, the drummer doesn't have to use a brain to trigger anything. Also, I need to get my butt in gear and write a MIDI map for each song so that the Live file will change patches for me. Misha from Periphery has mentioned that they had quite a few hard drives fail on them and recommends a SSD for this machine. Of course, that depends on how much gigging you're doing. Just something to point out.

Consider running an EQ pedal pre-Pod to give it some balls. Helped my FOH sound tremendously.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by scottyo78 on 2012-09-14 16:29:00.6100

Not sure if it's (objectively) true or not but I've heard that FETs (Field Effect Transistors) are the best for producing the even harmonics which real tubes are known for. Cheap transitor amps (think Big music store house brands) produce 'odd' harmonics which sound hideous.

I use either an older MosValve or a Crate PowerBlock (both FET amps) to drive either a single Fender and/or a 4-12" Peavey cab loaded with Celestions... both sound lovely to me.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by cgtrox on 2012-09-14 18:09:22.9960

Just got mine last week and had the Crown XLS1000 waiting for it. I used to use my PODxt with a Crate Powerblock and that little thing rocks! Great for lite/mini-gigs. This Crown is actually like the Crate, a "Class D" poweramp, which means it is light as a feather and never gets that hot! I think this poweramp is a good match for the HD Pro. I run it in stereo to two seperate 8ohm loads and it gives me 215W per side. I've got 2 spaces left on top for a sliding shelf which I will be mounting my M9 and my M5. I will be setting the M5 as a full time compressor thru the loop and have a MIDI connection to the M9 which will be following the HD Pro...



Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by orangekrushmn on 2012-09-14 19:46:49.9660

After more research, would it seem better to have a Firewire interface, have the click track to the drummer on one output going to his headphones, and run the samples on another track as well? I have a macbook pro as well, and I saw in an interview for the Frak the Gods tour that a Solid State Hard drive seems more solid. So I'll need to invest in one of those as well.

Would I need to have a mixer to control my monitor volumes as well then?

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by davidb7170 on 2012-09-16 18:00:26.6260

Hi -- thought I'd add my 2 cents. I was using a Crate Power Block 150 (150 Watts bridged, Class D digital amp, about the size of a loaf of bread, and about 5 or 6 lbs) for about 5 or 6 years, but just picked up a Crown XLS1000 rack mount power amp. I found I needed more stage volume in different situations.

Played a fair pavillion this summer, crazy loud crowd, and I could barely hear myself over the din of ~3000 people.... Anyway, also have the problem in a lot of outside gigs, where your sound just evaporates. For one gig, I took my backup Crate PB150 and ran my practice speaker -- identical to my gigging speaker. Both are Eminence Tonker 12" in old floor monitors rated 150 Watts each. With the 2 amps & speakers running, I had good levels. I did not run twice as loud, but was no longer "topping out" the single 150 Watt amp -- you can hear some bad clipping when you do that....

I run the XLR of my POD-HD500 to the soundman's FOH system. It got me thinking about the rackmount power amp concept. The Crown XLS1000 runs 215 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, 350 W into 4 Ohms, and 550 W into 2 Ohms. If I run my single speaker (8 Ohm) on 1 channel, I have 215 Watts, compared to my PB150's 150 Watts.The speaker can take it. When I get into the festival/outside setting, I'll also take my practice speaker and run either Y mode (same mono signal to both sides) or go stereo from the HD500.

The rack-mounted amps can take a lot of different speaker configurations. Running stereo or Y-mono, I'd have ~430 Watts available,but would turn it down and get a lot of headroom -- running nowhere near that actual wattage. I put the XLS1000 in a softside RoadRunner 2 space rack case. The XLS1000 is only 8.9 lbs, and in the softside rack, about the weight of a briefcase. I still take my Crate as a backup for contingencies... Just like having a 2nd guitar sitting on the rack..

The Crown is lightweight, and not hugely expensive, around $300, but I got it on sale at Guitar Center this Labor Day for $250. It is a Class D digital amp, and is very transparent, and clean. No digital artifacts, or fizziness. It likes line level, so I run it on the unbalanced 1/4" outputs of the HD500 at Line level. The XLR balanced outs don't give you enough gain to begin with, so you'd need to run it into a little mixer to boost the signal level. The 1/4" in's of the XLS are balanced TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve), but work fine with unbalanced TS coming from the HD500.

Anyway, that's my take on the Crown XLS1000 -- very workable for a guitar rig.


Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by RipperShred on 2012-09-17 00:55:40.8830

I take it that the xls is a very transparent amp, and sounds nothing like a tube amp? Are you using the full amp models with the poweramp modeling into real guitar cabs, or into full range with pod speaker modeling as well?

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by HDProJohn on 2012-09-17 08:41:04.9590

Yes, you need an interface. How else would you get the sound from the MBP to the mixer? SSD = solid state hard drive. I already mentioned the benefit of running one.

I don't know what a minister system is or what you mean by needing a mixer for your minister. Are you playing in a church? Is your minister mixing your shows? I can't imagine BOO styled music going over well in this setting...

Likewise, I don't understand how you could be using a PA system without a mixer. So, my answer is yes, you need a mixer. I am also assuming that you're using wedge monitors. You'd need a mixer to select which channels to AUX out to your wedge mixes, set volumes for FOH and so on. Thinking you need to go do some reading on the basics of PA systems at this point before I tell you to go buy a $1000 worth of gear that you don't need because I can't understand what you're attempting to do.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by orangekrushmn on 2012-09-17 12:30:58.4920

LOL I was on my iphone and it got autocorrected Monitor to Minister. My bad...

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by spikey on 2012-09-17 14:07:57.1310

Im just using an ART SLA2 Power amp to the full range Peavey SP5G's and it sounds great....

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by cgtrox on 2012-09-17 22:58:45.7540

I am only using the "PRE" models with a 2x12 sealed cab loaded with 8ohm V30's and it sounds really, really good once you get it setup correctly! I am running it in "STACK FRONT" mode with the bass FLAT, the treble at -40 and the focus on 150. I get some really awesome djent sounds, all of the heavy metal amp sounds are great. I am running version 2.02 and I am having problems trying to find a really nice "clean" amp that has volume when using only the PRE's. It seems like some of the PRE's are awesome just on their own, then there are a few that need a boost, then there's a few that just don't have any power on their own. I like to build from the ground up to see how the amp sounds "naked" first then start adding stuff here and there. Here she is...



Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by theuntolddeath on 2012-12-18 17:12:45.8870

I have this exact setup.Just got the pwoer amp today.Im Just not sure on how to hook up to my 4x12 280watt Mesa cab?

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by cgtrox on 2012-12-18 22:12:19.4830

More than likely your cab has an 8ohm MONO and 4ohm STEREO option, correct? Use the unbalanced outs from the HD Pro, split the poweramp to run both channels at 4ohms which gives you around 350W per side, then go out to the STEREO jacks on the cab....


Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by lukegeis on 2012-12-19 14:48:16.9970

I'm rocking the Rocktron Velocity 100. It is a nice amp and can get plenty loud. I run it into an old H&K oversized 2x12 ported cab ( awsome cab that sounds as big as a 4x12, but is 3/4 the size ) and it rawks. The amp can be found used for around 100 bucks.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by thomas12452 on 2013-01-18 10:00:26.0480

Hey I just bought a Line 6 hd pro and a Crown XLS1000 myself today actually. I was wondering how you run the HD Pro into the XLS1000? I want to run it into a 4x12 orange if this is possible.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by joel_brown on 2013-01-19 07:06:54.9510

I guess I'm old school but I just don't like Solid State amps with guitar.  Tube power amps give it that warmth and tone.  Now if someone came out with a rack mount stereo tube amp, I'd be very interested.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by thomas12452 on 2013-01-19 19:38:10.4070

Hey I have the exact same setup but I'm using the balanced outputs into a stereo orange cab. I have the xlr's running between the hd pro and the crown on the balanced input. Then I use two speak on to 1/4 cables between the crown and my 4x12 orange. For some reason its not sending sound to my orange cab. The sounds is definitely being picked up from the line 6 to the crown though. Am I doing something wrong lol. I'm so frustrated I just wanna play this thing already.

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by DarthHollis on 2013-01-20 04:53:22.3620

Marshall, Mesa Boogie, and Peavy all have tube power amps, joel.  Exactly what you are looking for.">">

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by joel_brown on 2013-01-20 07:35:08.5600

Awesome, now that's the way to do it.  When I get tired of lugging my pair of JCM900s around this is what I'll get next.  Thanks...

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by spikey on 2013-02-09 15:47:12.6290

Again Joel Im using a cheap Art SLA 2 and my tones are warm and full of tone, subjectivley speaking of course. I do understand what you are saying as I did try the solid state guitar amp stuff when it 1st came out, and didnt like it. BTW- if u can find it- Peavey also made a nice stereo rack tube power amp.... Otherwise bang for the buck you cant beat an SLA...

Re: Rackmount Power Amp for POD HD PRO
by thomasmorgan0205 on 2013-02-09 20:41:08.5820

Hey what's up brother! I was wondering if you could help me out. I am using the Pod HD Pro, Crown XLS1500, and a 400w Orange PPC 4x12 and I was wondering how to get it all to work together. I get the idea of using the XLR to 1/4 to connect the HD Pro to the power amp (I wish I could just use 1/4 to 1/4, but we all can't have what we want), but I was curious how to connext the Crown XLS to to my Orange cabinet from there? What kind of cable do you use to run to your cabinet? Thank you very much man.

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