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How to Link Pod Hd500 to FL studio or Yamaha Motif xf
by Allenf on 2012-08-25 18:50:11.7720

I seen a video on YouTube, where a guy was switching his pedal sounds in sync with the track playing through midi, To better perform live without allot of "tap dancing" I want to sync the pedal board to change though presets along with the click track or sequencer through midi, so the track will change the sounds and i wont have to travel back and forth from the Hd500 pedal while rocking out.

Can some one break down the science and application please : maybe a youtube would help to; thanks team

Re: How to Link Pod Hd500 to FL studio or Yamaha Motif xf
by mazuwa on 2012-08-25 23:56:59.5470

I have found this one.

The first video is the one you must have seen. The second video is the solution.">">

Here the reaper template as an example for those who have reaper. But it is also possible to export it from reaper to a midi file.">">

What he is doing should work with any DAW or Sequencer like FL studio:

1. Configure your DAW / Synthesizer so it is able to output MIDI program / bank change commands (see software properties menu / MIDI inputs/outputs).

The Midi output channel from the DAW / Sequencer must be the same as in HD 500 SYSTEM MENU (MIDI page 6/10), standard is channel 1 (values at knob 1).

If your connection need MIDI thru also, you need to enable it on the same page.

2. Create a midi track and insert midi program change commands (bank and program) at the desired time.

Values start with 0 which is the very first sound, 1 is the second, etc.

You do not need a dedicated track for it, you can also put in the commands between the song notes.

Tip: If you make your DAW / synthesizer able to receive MIDI program changes, you can also record the program changes from your HD500 by hitting the foot switch contollers during playback the backing track.

For further information about MIDI configurations you can read your manuals (POD + DAW / Synthesizer).

If I was you I would generate the midi track on my DAW and later load it into the synthesizer like your Motif. But you must enable MIDI output at the synth.

Beside changing between presets and banks it is also possible to switch effects on/off, control the expression pedal automatically (yes - you don't need your feet anymore),

and you can control the looper, tap tempo and switch the tuner on/off over midi. So after each song you can tune your guitar.

To send MIDI data from your POD HD over MIDI use the MIDI assign page by holding the MOVE button.

The POD HD manuals say that MIDI data is not tranmitted over USB, only over the MIDI ports. So maybe you have to buy a USB to MIDI 1x1 adapter for some bugs.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.