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Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by amx05462 on 2009-05-23 17:09:09.1450

im wondering why the company doesnt sell replacement parts ?

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by bnels on 2009-05-24 05:49:50.7350

This is a typical manufacturer/dealer agreement.   A dealer may feel cheated by the manufacturer if a customer is allowed to bypass the dealer and go direct to the factory.

You don't go to Ford to buy parts for your Mustang(if you have a Mustang), do you?  You go to a Ford authorized dealer.  If they allowed this, the dealer would probably think, 'Why should I sell Fords, when I have to compete with Ford to sell parts?  I think I'll just sell Hondas.'

If you have ever been involved in any type of dealer franchise business, you would understand this VERY well.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by amx05462 on 2009-05-24 07:28:08.7740

true to a point. to start with  ive owned  mustangs  classic mustangs. my brother owned three mustangs. classic mustangs.  my son in law owns and is restoring a classic mustang fast back  1966.

         where do you go to get parts for your mustang  that noone else has. ...........     ford will at least  if they dont have the part  get one for you  or let you know where to get one.   and all ford dealers are represantave of ford in general . unlike  lets say guitar center for example which sell a multitude of guitars and parts  ........but for some reason   you cant get variax parts because theres none avalable. if youve ever tryed to get parts for a variax   YOU should understand this VERY well. but obviously  you dont.  i know about dealer and manufacturer  arrangements..             i work for a manufacturer.   when posting the origonal question maybe i should have made it clearer for those of you who do not  understand.    im not necessarily asking why you cant buy direct from line 6.. but why  parts are unavalable or next to impossible to find.    hopefully this makes what im asking clear and understandable.

                                                               oh and while im at it .............if anyone knows of a variax or line6  authorised dealer that sells parts of  any kind  for the variax. parts meaning internals not extrenal stuff. please post this knowledge for all of  the rest of us. there are people on this forum looking for  internal parts.

                                                                       thanks in advance  for all those in the know ,of which im not.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by bnels on 2009-05-24 09:01:01.9180

Wow, I had no idea Variax parts were hard to get!  This is kind of disturbing.

Try Sweetwater.  I bought a spare XPS from them a while back.  Maybe they can get you parts, or at least some answers.  They're also an authorized service center.  They always seemed willing to help.

A phone call sometimes works better with them than email.  (I assume customer service wouldn't be real good during the holiday weekend.)


Good luck, and please keep the rest of us informed.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by amx05462 on 2009-05-24 10:01:02.0310

i apreciate the help but im talking about internal stuff  like  the 5 position switch  someones looking for or  another guy is looking  to  replace a defective switch  for what guitar  they want to emulate.  i recently found where to get the vdi female plug.  all the external stuff like the xps is on ebay all the time.  someone else was looking to trplace a tone pot.    trouble is that  some of this stuff isnt avalable. because  its vax specific. with little pcb boards attatched. so thats why i posted the question . im sure othere would like to know where to get internal parts as well.   im sure there not  going to let you know where to get a main board. nor do i expect thet they would sell you one. but a  tone pot or  a switch or a plug  . i was wondering why these arent avalable.  i dont personaly need anything at the moment but keep reading  that someone  else is looking for this or that. so i just thought id post this and maybe    the company might post a helpful answer.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by spike5 on 2009-05-25 02:15:29.5140

As you would be aware i recently had a problem with a faulty vax 300 and had voided the warranty by taking it apart for a transplant.

The guys at music link were kind enough to sell me the internals at cost price as long as i ordered it from an authorised dealer i.e billy hydes music.

I also recently ordered a replacment bridge for my vax as i damaged 2 of the wires on it.

as long as you go through the right channels i have not had any trouble getting parts.

As for the replacment 5 way switch they may need to pay to replace the whole internals and then sell the old damaged one on ebay - i'm sure someone will snap it up for a project

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by DAWed on 2009-05-27 15:57:29.1410

I like to know this too.

I need a rj45 jack to a Variax 500.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by amx05462 on 2009-05-28 01:14:29.3550

neutrik... they have them on there web page and a list of  distributors.  look under the audio section.  parts express carries there stuff.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by DAWed on 2009-05-28 16:05:59.7790

Yea, I know, but I would like to have it with that little circuitboard on it.

So I could just plug it in and be happy.

Thanks anyway.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by amx05462 on 2009-05-28 16:30:45.3890

well if you look at the photos on neutriks site theres two with the  circut board on them but which one it is im not sure.  if the board is custom on the  vax  one then you would have to change it out anyhow . not hard to do  just get one of those  rolls of solder removing tape from radio shack.  remove the solder and put the new one on the board  and solder it up.  probably take a half hour. or you could use one of those solder sucking bulbs to remove the solder   youheat the solder joing  and suck out the solder. they work pretty good too.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by DAWed on 2009-05-29 11:47:26.9140

I think I have to do what you're saying.


Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by amx05462 on 2009-05-29 11:52:27.7740

yep the problem is  ...and thats why i want to know why line6 doesnt sell parts ... is the board on the back is line6 specific.. so you can gt the plug but not the board.   someone else wants an xps.   the porwe supply  is just standard but the xps is line6 specific. so if something goes wrong your left out in the cold.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by worthim on 2009-06-13 13:40:27.4110

I found this thread searching for a stereo logic board for the Tone Dock.  Seems silly that the DIY musician has so much difficulty obtaining parts from somewhere, it doesn't matter to me "where" just that I can obtain something like a logic board without going to a dealer.  I know my unit is OUT of warranty because some noob plugged the wrong power into it and then it was bad.  I am the recipient of the broken one because I am a self-professed DIY (after-market, after-warranty) musician.  If it's past warranty, give me a hammer, chisel, or whatever it takes to crack the case open...  To me it's just another box.

Also, Line 6 makes it very difficult to do anything yourself on these boards because of the surface-mount components.  A tech would really have to be outfitted properly to tackle any of that tiny crap.

So, WE beg and plead with you Line 6 folks ... At least provide an outlet for all the boards in all the units.  We can run a screwdriver, for cryin-out-loud.

Run all your warranty ops through the dealers, sell all your new and refurbs through your dealers - WE DON'T CARE where we get the parts...  We just want 'em.

Re: Why doesnt line6 sell replacement parts?
by ballnmike on 2010-05-05 09:39:12.1890

I found that if you call customer support and follow all thier troubleshooting suggestions and you still have problems and you know what part in the machine is faulty they will just send you a new part. free. Apparently they are not allowed to sell you the part but they can send it to you. They dont just offer up the part, you have to kinda hassle it out of them. I was getting frustrated because they kept telling me to go to one of thier authorized repair shops. I called the ARS's in my area and they all said they would have to get back to me and never called back. So I told that to the line 6 parts dept. and I said I was not gonna pay them a rediculous amount to do a repair when I already know whats wrong. I said my only other option is to buy another machine swap the part and return the new machine and say IT was faulty. Thats when they guy said he will help me take care of it and offered to send me the part. Dont be like me and waste countless hours trying to find line 6 parts suppliers online, You just wont find them!! I was starting to get mad at line 6 and offered them 1 more opportunity to satisfy me. So I called them one more time, and let me tell you I am a happy Line 6 customer again!! Line 6 truly is a wonderful company I dont think any other brand would have done that for thier customer. Thank You Line 6!!

Re: Why doesn't Line 6 sell replacement parts?
by AParedes on 2010-05-07 16:09:48.6090

Hello all,
All Line 6 service centers have the ability to sell parts to an end user, but they also have the right to insist that they perform the repair themselves.  It is up to the service center to decide if they want to sell a part to an end user.  Smaller parts (i.e. tonecore docks) are non-repairable and need to be replaced. In some situations Line 6 may be able to send a part to an end user, but this is not a "given" and usually due to specific circumstances.  We reccomend you contact a Line 6 service center if you need a specific part and see if they can sell the part directly to you.

Re: Why doesn't Line 6 sell replacement parts?
by mad237 on 2011-02-13 09:13:20.6170

Well i am still waiting for Line 6 to sort out my problem which is a broken Effects Potentionmeter of which i need a spare so that i can solder back into place. I am more than able to carry this out  but its the part i need. Despite sending various tickets describing what part is needed and sending a picture i have really got no where. Please line 6 help me out.

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Re: (8>*}... Feeling a little...
by amx05462 on 2011-02-13 11:39:14.5000

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Re: (8>*}... Feeling a little...
by amx05462 on 2011-02-13 11:51:43.7970

now  on a serious  note .  line 6  will not ship you  parts.  you have to go to an authorised  service  center   have them order the  parts  for you.  why this  is  insane  you might  say  but     thats  there  policy. and there sticking  to it.

maybe    its because  they think  someone  might  get enough parts  to assemble a variax  of there  own.  i have  no idea, you would   have  to  question someone  on the  inside   as to why  they  wont  sell  direct.

i believe  youll  see  one  pictured  on this  page  . its a belton switch.  contact  them 

Re: (8>*}... Feeling a little...
by amx05462 on 2011-02-13 11:52:34.0840

heres  another  of ther  pages   you can download a catalogue.

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