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What's the difference?
by evilmikehoo on 2012-08-26 04:45:26.4410

I bought a used Spidervalve 212 mk I from a private source last year. My amp has chrome knobs, but I've noticed that other mk I's as well as mk II's have black knobs. Is this from a particular production? Also, I get a lot of crackling and cut-out from the master volume control and some of the selections cut out entirely. It also seems kinda muffled and muddy, but I do have it in a very small space and on a carpeted floor playing at very low volume. Since I bought it used, I have no idea how old it is or how hard it was used. Could it need tube replacement?

Re: What's the difference?
by jandirk on 2012-08-27 03:58:01.2180

Regarding the knobs, my guess is that a previous owner replaced the for cosmetical reasons. Never seen 'em that way.

My master pot was the same on my 212 mkI, and I had it replaced. Line6 put a lot of crackling master pots in their mkI's, and replacing it with a proper one does the trick.

Try playing with a little bit more volume to assert if your amp is too muddy or not. Tube fabrication dates/months are usually printed on the tubes. Mine still sounded great after 4 years.

Re: What's the difference?
by frac82 on 2012-10-22 03:18:02.6770

i'm writing here not to start another topic and overload the forum. more precisely: what are the differences between mk1 and mk2 Spider Valves? thanx

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