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Wave export - Awful sound
by EddyR3 on 2012-08-26 09:12:19.8470

Hey guys, im new here, but recently got into the world of the JM4 and so far, love it!

Ive just exported a quick loop i done to WAV format and saved onto SD Card, but when i play it back on my PC, the sound quality is pretty bad, muffled and undynamic to say the very least.

Any suggestions? Or is this just how it is?

Re: Wave export - Awful sound
by tejasbullet on 2012-10-06 18:21:45.8330

I heard some comments regarding less than good sound quality from the SD cards.  My first recommendation would be try a different brand of card and see if there is a noticible improvement in sound quality. 
Meanwhile, download and open audacity (an audio editing program) and play with the wav files to see if you can improve the quality. 

Audacity isn't the best or most sophisticated software, but it's free- and fairly easy to use.

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