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DL4 power input will no longer hold the supply - keeps falling out. New part?
by JoelPixton on 2012-08-27 12:12:25.7530


I bought my DL4 a while back and the power input never really grabbed a hold of the supply very well but has now gotten to the point where the supply will fall out with even the slightest bump to it. I've tried two separate LINE 6 power supplies and they both are too loose in the input. I am currently taping the supply onto the back of the DL4 so that it won't fall out but I would rather just have it work the way it should. I opened up the box and noticed the input is soldered to the circuit board in three spots and I'm sure if someone new what they were doing they could unsolder the 3 joints and solder in a new one.

I would like to buy a new input but was wondering where I can find this part? I was also wondering how much it would cost?

Any input is greatly appreciated!


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