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V70 / v75 clicking
by jasonclaunch on 2012-08-27 17:57:50.1920

About a year ago I bought 1 xd-v70 and I bought 3 xd-v75s earlier this year.  All systems are on rf2. Over that last couple of months I began noticing a faint clicking sound when signal is present.  It began with 1 mic and is now present in 3 of the mics, including the 70. It's not a clipping sound, just a click.  It occurs with low to high spl sources.  I've tried different channels on on the line 6 equipmentand different channels on the console ( yamaha ls9) but no change.  The clicking also seems to come on randomly, but once present it will not go away.  Any advice?

Re: V70 / v75 clicking
by RonMarton on 2012-08-28 00:42:01.2070

Bear with us, as it may take a bit of "back and forth" before some clarity emerges here...

The first thing I'd like to find out is whether the "clicking" is actually present at the back panel analog signal outputs of the receivers in question.

I'd check for this by listening to them again using their XL male outputs connected to the mic input/s of another system, (preferably all analog, "on the bench" and at some distance from your LS9 installation) opposed to the listening you've already done via alternative inputs of the LS9 that currently exhibits the fault.

Now, if the XD-V systems prove to be "clean" at their own outputs, (as I strongly suspect they will) the fickle finger of fateful faultiness will be pointed towards the Yama-hoo-hah LS9, the first point I'd investigate being its set-up for "clock" reference.

I have had such systems default to their internal clocks, seemingly without human intervention, as a consequence of a power interruption during "down time".

It seemed as though all was well on arrival, so normal operations resumed, but "re-clocking" clicks eventually revealed themselves, forcing exactly the sort of investigation I'm suggesting.

Once paranormal activity had been ruled out, re-setting to the correct clock source cured the problem.

You will appreciate that it's the analog inputs requiring the most amplification (the lowest level ones, ...those at mic level) which will suffer the most, followed by the "quieter" of the line level sources.

Digital inputs, however, may simply (and silently) perform a "phantom" re-clock "in sympathy" with the LS9.

In any case, there's nothing subtle about an external data stream or expansion slot system trying to operate in the absence of a correct reference, as the regular, rhythmic "splatting" that ensues is almost at full level.

Given that your XD-V receivers are "clean" away from the LS9, but you find that "phantom reclocking" is not to blame, I've also found that the Yamaha's TFT colour display screen and the console itself can radiate quite an array of rhythmic RF "junk", so a physical repositioning of your gear may be the answer.

Re: V70 / v75 clicking
by dboomer on 2012-08-28 09:05:04.5070

Hi Jason

Does this happen in only one location? have you tried it in a second venue?

Have you tried switching the environment/dynamic filters off and still have the problem?

Can you test it in RF1 mode and see if you get the same result?

Does it happen with only one mic turned on or do they all have to be on for the problem?

Is it possible to make a direct recording of a receiver output as a wav file and send it?

Re: V70 / v75 clicking
by jasonclaunch on 2012-08-28 19:43:45.8180

Let me try some things and I will get back to you.  I did have a video switcher nearby that was causing all of my Shure wireless to have RF issues.  It was about the time that I relocated my wireless rack that the line 6 equipment started acting up (just now realized that). It will be a couple of days before I get's become an unexpected very busy week.


Re: V70 / v75 clicking
by jasonclaunch on 2012-08-28 19:48:16.1700

I have not had the opportunity to try a second venue, but will try if other attempts fail.

All dynamics have been turned off and problem still occurs.

I will check in RF1

The number of mics on does not effect the issue

I can make a recording if other attempts fail.

As above it will be a few days before I can run the different the problem isn't always present....

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