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JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by BBender1 on 2012-08-30 12:46:00.1830

Well.  A 1 1/2 weeks later I finally have the 59 ready to go.  Had issues with a lot of little stuff.  Set up (intonation, string buzzes, etc., variax string volume levels, and the awkward way that these had to be addressed.  Boy I wish there was some decent documentation...Like the non-existant "Advanced Users Guide".

After syncing it to my HD500 and setting up a new series of patches,  I went to work on the individual sound with the Workbench...and discovered that the acoustic sounds in my original Variax Acoustic 700 are a lot better for me than what I can get out of the JTV.  I don't care what you call it...there is a roomy sound in the JTV models that are (as a recording engineer) pretty darn usless.  I guess that I'll have to keep the 700 but wish that the 59 was as good.  It would be so much easier.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by phil_m on 2012-08-30 13:18:48.2740

I like the new acoustic sounds better. I have the JTV69US, and to me, the new acoustic models sound much more realistic and lively than the ones on the 300 I used to have. But it's a matter of taste. Can't please everyone all the time and all that jazz...

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-30 13:27:31.3740

I like the JTV acoustic tones, and I like the tones from my 600.... but I'd imagine with a greater degree of choices for acoustic tones, that an acoustic 700 would have bested my 600.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by MerlinFL on 2012-08-30 15:08:19.7910

HI BB - I can't give my own opinion as I was never lucky enough to have the money to get an acoustic model 700 when they were available.  I've read many positive remarks about the unavailable sounds that guitar had which none of the other Variax guitars old or new have been limited to.

I have submitted a suggestion to L6 formally in the proper manner through the proper channels, and also on the newer JTV discussion threads with complaints revolving around the "roomy" to use your term - sound the HD acoustic bank in the 1.81 software which was addressed to a limited degree with the 1.82 JTV update where tone (mic position) = 10 to about 7 on a scale of 0 -10 are indeed much drier than the original 1.81 offering.

I suggested then as I suggest now, that L6 use Custom Bank 1 as a bank for the original 1.71/1.72 acoustic models since Custom Bank 1 by default comes with nothing not already on the guitar in other bank slots as Custom Bank 2 does have some alt tuning patches which I personally would use to add in the other acoustic models only found on the Vax AC700 guitar. 

Line 6 was always about giving their customers choices far above most other companies.  That mantra makes this is a no brainer in my why not offer them?  Let the OWNERS of the JTV guitars decide what they want or don't want since Line 6 now has a surplus of already created models that would cost nothing to offer to the JTV guitar using public.  This is something among many things L6 as a company chooses to offer or in this case chooses not to offer that causes my brain to ache.  Why not offer these sounds in the Customtone section of this site if it's too much trouble to offer in any other way and be sure to let us all know publicly these sounds are there?  The models exist, so why not offer them?

Another point I bring to you about these acoustic tones.  Have you ever watched the demo by Sean Halley that allows you to hear what is supposed to be (and probably is) the new 1.81 HD acoustic guitar models?  Perhaps it's just me, but the sounds he gets in the demo video don't sound like the models I get.  His demo models sound "drier" than what each of us with 1.81/1.82 have heard.  But perhaps it's just me and my speakers that are hearing it that way.  Perhaps if you've not checked it out, it might be worth your time to give that demo a listen and see what you think.  It's on YouTube in the Line6Movie Channel and possibly also somewhere on this site in the JTV section.

And here is a video of my 2006 Vax EC700 showing just how realistic the acoustic guitar models sound by using them to cover the song by Heart called "Love Alive".

<a target=new href=" class="jive-image" src=""/>

This link does work even though it looks like it doesn't.  Skip past my introduction if you don't need any explanation to about 3 minutes in.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by BBender1 on 2012-08-31 11:32:41.8730

I've been an audio engineer...forever.  I can understand some people liking the new sounds better...but as an engineer,  I'd much prefer to be able to (and any decent engineer can) add the amount of "space" around any sound that I'm recording.  You can always add it but you can't subtract it.  I can see these sounds being better in, let's say, the store where people are trying the guitar out...But not for me.  There really should be options available online through the Workbench.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by MerlinFL on 2012-08-31 11:47:00.4440

I've also been recording on the pro level for over 25 years (several years before that gaining the knowledge and the gear to become a pro) of the 51 years I've been alive.  I agree with your very logical statement.  You can add, but not subtract from a sound as it exists.

  • Did you check out the video I posted to demonstrate my complete understanding of your statements?
  • Did you read my post and if so, did you gain any insight or learn about the 1.82 version of the JTV guitars with their drier spot on the JTV ton knob?
  • Did you check out the Sean Halley demo video and hear how his 1.81 acoustic guitar models sounded?
  • I also gave you my list of requests and suggestions I felt were worthwhile to Line 6.  Do you agree or disagree with anything I've posted?

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by jdenkevitz on 2012-09-04 17:45:42.6650

I also would STRONGLY prefer that Line 6 gives us the 1.71 (old acoustics) back in a new firmware. I really dislike having an artificial roominess built into the sound itself. 1.82 is an improvement over 1.81, but I still find myself going back to using my variax 700 Acoustic or even my variax 600 for many acoustic sounds.

Maybe someone from line 6 could explain whether it would be possible to give us the old models available for loading inside workbench, or as noted above, have them loaded into a custom bank.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by BBender1 on 2012-09-06 16:30:44.9610

I found out yesterday that the Variax Acoustic 700 sounds can not be used in the JTVs.  They are evidently enough different that it is not possible to just offer them as a firmware update.

Line6 is going to have to re-do the samples.  Hopefully,  they will do so very soon...using at least the same tight dry samples.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by BBender1 on 2012-09-14 11:18:02.3360

Me Too!  I put in a support request and only got back a list of links that I've already tried.  Now they keep sending me emails that say that the issue is "considered closed". I wish that (as JTV owners) that we could somehow (collectively) start pushing Line6 in to another revision.
Until that point...While I now have the electric sounds programmed and they are pretty darn good, I can kiss off using my JTV live for acoustic sounds and will have to keep the 700 whenever I want the acoustic sounds.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by MerlinFL on 2012-09-14 13:57:32.9020

BBender - did you ever check out the demo video I posted?  I posted it so you could give feedback on what you thought of the sound I was getting direct from the Variax electric 700 that I had tweaked with Workbench.  You've written, but never mentioned anything about that.  I would appreciate your thoughts if you wish to share.

Here's the REAL answer for the "issue being closed".  Line 6 no longer has ANYONE from the original Variax development team working for Line 6 and hasn't for a very long time working on the guts.  No one outside of the HQ walls for certain and probably inside Line 6 HQ is doing any Beta testing any new modeling upgrades for the JTV guitars.  I was one of those outside HQ Beta team people for the transition from the original Vax to the JTV working under Rich Renken who no longer works @ L6.

A GUESS on my part is that Line 6 might be deciding, or have decided that the JTV or ANY new or software improvements to the Variax line is not worh the investment and will just let the production run finish, and we'll perhaps never see another new modeling guitar from Line 6.

I base my GUESS on my personal experience outside the walls of Line 6 as well as simply connecting the "dots" of what the company has done since the very early years when the original Bean was introduced.  If anyone were to make a graph or some sort of chart tracking the company's behavior over the years, you can see what I'm basing my guess on, or perhaps come up with a different conclusion.  I also think that L6 has put too much of their manpower/financial resources into the new PA gear and that is their true priority far above the existing gear.  Even the forums show the only posts from L6 people are on the PA boards, and nothing on the JTV or POD HD boards in the same span of time.

In either case - we the consumers/owners have to make a choice based on the very limited situation we have in front of us at this point in time because of the choices Line 6 has made.  Keep or buy an older Electric Vax or the Acoustic Vax guitars, or...roll back the software in the JTV to the original 1.71 or 1.72 which will reinstall the acoustic guitars that are dry and not HD as L6 calls them, but then sacrifice the new volume/tone knobs features that only come with the 1.81/1.82 JTV software for the additional two-way functionality with the POD HD500 & HD PRO units.  None of the other guitar models will change no matter which version or even which Vax electric guitar you have since the electric models are all identical in all version from 1.71 thru 1.82.

In my opinion as some who has done this - I suggest investing in the Roland GR-55 system and use either the GK-3 interface properly mounted on the guitar you wish to use - Line 6 or not instead of the extra physical pickup, or invest in the Rack-Vax interface.  I've emailed them asking if they could create a rack or stomp size unit that doesn't have modeling as I already have all the modeling I'll ever need, but would still be able to use the Line 6 internal piezo pickups to send signal into the Roland GR-55 unit.  No answer back yet, but I hope they will give this some thought, or perhaps some other person or company could create a simple 13-pin interface that would work with the Roland synth systems for any Vax or JTV guitar using the output from the already functioning Line 6 guts.  VDI usage would be best as it would maintain just one cable, but whatever works would make me happy.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by markcockerill on 2012-09-16 19:15:53.5710

Last Wednesday I decided to take my acoustic 700 and JTV69 to the jam session I regularly attend. The six batteries in the 700 had died some time ago and infact everything was a little rusted. So I popped round to the nearby shop and bought a new 9 volt battery and hey presto, all working. (I have a vdi cable but my AC700 has never really liked them). I had forgotten how darn good the acoustic 700 sounds straight into the PA and everyone was quite impressed. The sound is better than the JTV but it is fair to say the JTV does not have the same selection of models, my favourite for live playing being the C&W model. Folks were quite amazed that a solid chunk of mahogany with a spruce like top can make such acoustic sounds. Having a built in compressor slider and a moving mike placement slider is the icing that the JTV just does not quite have.

I agree Neal, L6 never really developed further from the AC700 but the truth is, it is a finished product in the true sense of the world despite people's wishful thinking to the contrary. I seem to remember that all they did was to bring out cheaper guitars with the same guts with dubious build quality, just like they did with the Electric 700. Just like they finished the Vetta, which to me still sounds great for jammin although I now use a DT50 for proper gigging. It seems L6 only develop so far then that's your lot, new product lines just take over supposedly in the name of science and corporate advancement. Clever marketting strategies that incite upgrades when sometimes it really isn't that necessary.

I love the idea behind all the PA stuff but at the price they are asking, well. Current PA still not broken so doesn't need fixing. They certainly won't be selling many round where I live. Personally, I think it will be some time before I see a Line 6 PA and new Mixing Desk thingamabob out on the road, I don't know any band that make the kind of money needed to afford it and I've been gigging a very long time.

I'm not sure what to think any more about Line 6's boardroom ideas about what they think we should have next and to be brutally honest, I don't really care that much any more.

To answer the original poster question, JTV versus AC700 for acoustic sound, Not a fair question, AC700 is superior by design and Line 6 would not want it to be any other way, like Neal says, Line 6 will never make something that actually incorporated all the things gone before (except maybe and only a small maybe, the X3 Pro). If all the models of the 700 acoustic were available in the JTV with the added advancement in technology etc then the AC700 would quite rightly be nothing more than fire wood and truly worthless to those of us still lucky enough to own one, which L6 would not want.

While I'm at it. If  Line 6 were to develop a new amp that has the valve technology of the DT series amps and incorporate every function of a Vetta but with dual pipeline from HD pods where all 80 amps and models were Pod HD quality and controlled by the indestructible FVB then they would have truly developed an awesome world beating rig to be very very proud of but no, they drip feed us with very expensive bit parts that really only work half decent if you buy into the dream rig ethos. Tut tut L6, quite shameful, and you suckered me into all this stuff over the years with a garage full of gear to prove it so your marketting strategy clearly works, seems my brain often doesn't.

End of rant.

Keep it live.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by MerlinFL on 2012-09-17 00:38:50.1650

Hi Mark - I know the AC700 was a "one hit wonder" like the basses were.  I presume from the remarks I've read that the build of the AC700 is nice, unlike the basses build which in my opinion were horrible.  Guts were very cool, but the outside of the guts parts - I thought were horrible and nearly unplayable and I play bass as well as several other instruments.

I believe the five basic acoustic models that were issued in the first EC700 (As in the original EC500, then onto those garbage built guitars with the same guts just to finish the "guts" production run contract, or perhaps as I've speculated earlier on this or another thread - the really cheap EC300 and the sightly more costly EC600 were offered to temp non-Line 6 users to buy into the tech really cheap and hopefully hook them - just speculation on my part.) are exactly the same as the comparable AC700 guitar models and then the same models issued with the original JTV guitar acoustic bank with 1.71/1.72 JTV software.

Line 6 caring about what happens to any of their gear after it is sold - is honestly not one of their concerns.  I know this after bringing up the horribly low resale prices listed on eBay and other sales pages demonstrated this.  I found several sold Line 6 gear pages on eBay on all the not-so-older gear at the time of the first JTV Beta research and when I submitted that this under-valuing of the Used Line 6 gear was "hurting" the perceived value and image of the L6 gear - my official Line 6 answer was..."We don't care what anyone does with our gear after They've bought it.  We are onto the next "thing" and what owners do with our gear si completely their business."

Having been in several businesses where perceived value is what becomes the "actual" value is much too real and happens much too often.  the end result is the value of Line 6 gear goes down to a fraction of what it should be worth and its like dealing with a used computer - practically worthless.  but these are not computers even though they are ruled by computer tech, and I feel should be retaining much higher used values than they have been and do.  Worse even is the new gear being put up at silly low prices which lowers most full retail buying down quite a large bit because why would anyone pay full retail, when they can wait a month or two and get the same thing at half price or less?

The Vax EC700 is the best of the entire line in my opinion and I have two of those guitars because I believed in them as much as I believe in my Vetta which I still feel is the best amp Line 6 ever made.  All the company had to do was have a Bogner power plant added to a revised version just like the SpiderValve amps, and it would have been nearly perfect.  But no - not what happened.

I respectfully disagree with your assessment about adding the AC700 acoustic models as a model "pack" as well as the 1.71 original basic acoustic models as a model "pack to be bought at a very nominal price for those of use who would want these models on any of our Variax and JTV guitars.  Firewood because sound are available on newer models - if that were true, no one like myself would have kept or plan to keep my original Vax EC700 guitars just because the new model has some modeling improvements.  I think Line 6 should remember what got them them to this the players choices with the gear they have.  And the simplest thing would be to offer model packs as optional purchases instead of waiting for L6 to decide that the Custom Banks, don't ever really need to be there as custom banks in the first place and give most, if not all, the AC700 guitars in a software update.

In fact, I'd prefer the DID NOT do anymore HD modeling since it was not well received by the JTV posting community as a whole.  Old saying..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it" just offer them up to us and let us decide what is and isn't worth spending about $20.00 or less per model pack and we''l swap out guitars and tunings we want and need for our personal use.

Didn't know about he built in comp on the AC700, but all Vax models have a ic position knob which is the tone knob on every Variax - past & present - made.  What would be a nice addition to this mic position, would be a model "pack" of different mics for the acoustic guitars as they have in the POD HD models for the cabinet models.

Anyway - I am lucky enough to have kept all my older gear and jst added the new "Dream Rig" gear to my existing rig and expand, intermix, and actually use all of the gear shown in the photo, plus keyboards, and bass cabs to finish out my entire live stage rig.  It's not often I get to bring it all out, but it's tons of fun when I do and have roadie help for lifting and lugging.

Neals_Gear_Rig.jpgOriginal set up

Line 6 rig_2012.jpgTypical regular gig set up  - not showing bass cabs in this home photo.

Neal_multi-tasking_pic_081412.jpgAll the gear in above photo with bass cabs behind me and recently added keyboard to my full rig.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by BBender1 on 2012-09-25 09:41:47.0780

Hey There Merlin,

A little about my background.  I've been a guitarist/audio engineer forever.  I've worked with or recorded Robben Ford, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Bob Segar, Chicago, Whitney Houston, and many more in my many years of doing so.

I bought the JTV-59 primarily as a production tool.  Many projects that I have require me to construct everything in that piece of music.  The idea of having one (tuned and ready to go) was very appealing to me.  It would save a huge amount of time.  I was half right.  With the acoustic sounds of the JTV...even with the latest "fixes"...I can't remember when there would ever be a track in which the sounds from the JTV would even come close to working.  The Acoustic 700 is still much, much better.  Again,  an engineer can create the "space" around anything....but cannot remove it.  It would be nice if my "one guitar" approach would work....but it won't until such time as line6 decides to really make the JTVs succeed all it's older models.

Mark Creamer

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by MerlinFL on 2012-09-25 10:02:50.2880

Hi Mark - it sounds like you and I have similar pedigree's.  Although you've got me beat in age although I really loved playing Chicago songs, They were a signed band a few years before I was old enough to vote - but only a few.  My recording studio business hit full swing at the beginning of the Hair band era as well as the Punk Rock era which were brand new side by side along with a few other styles during the mid-80s.  Prior to that I was with local touring bands playing cover songs of any style I could get paid to play.

I AGREE with your assessment of the older Acoustic models sounding better than the HD models.  I feel exactly the same way and I thought I expressed that in my previous post.   Line 6 should give us CHOICES of what we want, not not FORCE us to choose sounds and functionality.  I've personally gone back to the older 1.71 JTV software because I hardly ever need the added functionality that comes with 1.82, but I DO want the acoustic sounds i like better and to my ears sound better.

Just give us the choice to make our own decisions about what we want or don't want as far as the sounds in our Variax guitars and if we have to pay extra for model packs - so be it.  I'm sure others who have POD Farm don't mind paying for model packs they want instead of having to make a choice of all or nothing like JTV users have to choose now.

I also suggested in another forum that Line 6 make their Flagship products a bit more open in architecture like most high end keyboards have.  We could BUY circuit boards with sounds, functions and those boards would each have enough DSP to run ALL the items on each board, so that the units DSP would not be sucked dry by the FX installed in the unit.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by seanhalley on 2012-11-29 13:23:18.7250

Here's the REAL answer for the "issue being closed".  Line 6 no longer has ANYONE from the original Variax development team working for Line 6 and hasn't for a very long time working on the guts.  No one outside of the HQ walls for certain and probably inside Line 6 HQ is doing any Beta testing any new modeling upgrades for the JTV guitars.  I was one of those outside HQ Beta team people for the transition from the original Vax to the JTV working under Rich Renken who no longer works @ L6.

A GUESS on my part is that Line 6 might be deciding, or have decided that the JTV or ANY new or software improvements to the Variax line is not worh the investment and will just let the production run finish, and we'll perhaps never see another new modeling guitar from Line 6.

Thanks for all of your work on the forum! This post is supposed to be a clarification, not a slap, so please don't take it as such :-)

I wish I had seen this sooner. Your source of information seems to have fed you poor intel, and I can only guess at where it came from (but I have a pretty good idea). I realize that being on a beta team can feel like you've got an inside line on things, but that does NOT mean that you have internal knowledge of our current product roadmap - to the contrary, you have been grossly misinformed. Engineers inside Line 6 move from project-to-project as a matter of course, so "original" engineering team members matter less than "super big brain surfer engineers who can rock guitar code" do. :-)

The truth is that JTV development continues (as evidenced by the recent 1.9 update to address palm muting - code does not exist without engineers), and there will be more surprises to come! It's pretty exciting, actually.

Stay tuned - Oliver Stone doesn't work at Line 6 :-) :-) :-)

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by DrFunk on 2012-11-29 19:18:39.6390

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the info!  Great opportunity for me to thank you for the really terrific videos. The guitar playing is of course inspiring,

but the information is really useful especially the "Dream Rig" stuff. Do you know about Craig Anderton's "Dream Rig" thread

in Pro Reviews on I think you might get a kick out of perusing that.

I had a Variax 700 and the Acoustic Variax 700. I liked the acoustic sounds in both. I thought the Acoustic Variax was better.

I am now getting pretty decent acoustic sound from my JTV 69. I either send the output to the house PA or to a Fishman Loudbox Artist if I am in a small club. Nothing that I do with the JTV sounds nearly as good as what I hear you getting tonewise in those videos. I am sure I speak for many of us when I ask you...How did you achieve that tone? what was the set up?

I don't recall you ever answering any of these threads before. Really good to have you participate  with us. Please feel free to add your 2 cents to anything that goes on here. It will be much appreciated. Please keep those "Dream Rig" tips coming.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by seanhalley on 2012-11-30 13:26:41.3030

You are very welcome - apologies on not participating more here! I have a number of different roles inside Line 6 (the videos are only one part), so I'm slammed enough usually, and on top of that I run a department at a music school and spend too much time in dark studios as well :-)

In any case, in your opinion, would it be a good idea for me to start a general thread here on getting sounds? Maybe a "best practices" kind of thing, or "Sean says he does it this way because he's lazy" sort of a thing? :-)

If so, maybe that would be the most beneficial situation for everyone, so that they didn't have to sift through additional threads to find the info.

If that sounds good to you and other folks, reply back here and I'll start a thread in the next week or so.

Thanks a bunch for your kind words on the videos, by the way. It's nice to see that you guys are digging them, because once I send em' out I have no real idea :-) :-)



P.S. regarding the 700 acoustic sounds - remember that the Variax isn't triggering samples or anything like that. I'm sure you've all seen that the sounds change when you put on new strings, just as you'd expect - which means that there is a bunch of interaction between the actual strings and the resulting sounds. The same goes for string gauge and string type. The acoustic 700 used bronze acoustic strings - which sound considerably different than the 10-gauge electric strings that come stock on a JTV.

More on that in the thread I'll start - in the meantime, play the JTV acoustic sounds LIGHTLY until you learn how to control em' fully. That's really the trick. More in a bit!  :-)

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by silverhead on 2012-11-30 13:40:05.1890

Sean, I would love to see your suggested thread on getting good tones/sounds. I can't imagine how you will find the time to do it but if you are able I would welcome anything you can find time for.

I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from your Live Audio videos. I have watched them all, more than once, and they are a big part of the reason that I am ordering an M20d, 2xL3t, and an L3s next week.


Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by Javadog2008 on 2012-11-30 17:11:52.6430

Brand new JTV-69 owner. Digging the guitar so far.

One of the deciding factors for me in purchasing the JTV was the fact that the message board is not flooded with problems, and there are great threads like the one on the tremolo setup. I would also say plus 1 for a thread on getting the most out of the instument with useful tones/settings.

Thanks for listening.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by DrFunk on 2012-12-01 08:05:39.0630

Thank You Sean!

This is practically like Christmas- I could not have asked for more! Very kind of you to spend a little of your time on a "Tone-Thread" for us...  I am really pleased with my electric sounds JTV> HD500> Line 6 link R to DT25 and L  main out to Spider Valve Mk2,combo power amp in. But please anything you want to give us concerning electric tones and Dream Rig would be eaten up here.  I am really impressed with your acoustic tone from the JTV. .Are you going direct to the mixing board with that? Were the earlier videos where you were demoing the the JTV acoustic sounds using that 2 volume pedal technique (2 separate amp/EFX chains)? 

I find that to tame the acoustic sounds in JTV  I was employing 2 sometimes 3 of the Line 6 Eq's in the Dream Rig. Are you using any of these? Well that was when I was making the programs sound close to decent coming from the Line 6 amps. Now going to the House PA or even to The Fishman Acoustic amp, I get a pretty transparent sound and don't need those EQs. Do you agree with me that the acoustic JTV models sound better out to a PA?

I like your 2 chain preset very much as I don' thave to go up to the amps to physically bring down their sound.  All can be done from the 2 volume pedals. House PA up, Line 6 amps down. I am able to use this as a template for all my electric and acoustic sounds for a show. I am not limited to 4 effects for the electrics as I am using the programmable EFX loops to bring in some of my favorite pedals. So I don't feel limited at all.  I do like to have some reverb,chorus and a touch of slap back echo on my acoustic sounds along with a little compressiion. The electrics can sound great with or without EFX but I like having the The EFX loops here for when I want to bring in additional distortions, mod and time EFx and not run out of EFX slots or DSP. Really man, your acoustic JTV tones sound as good or better than my real acoustic Martin. How are you doing that?

Sean, I rarely run out of DSP. When I am using the 2 chain presets and I get a DSP overload signal... I found that removing cabinet sims usually allows me to add the additional EFX(s) that I want. Then I find that I can put the cabinet Sims back in if that is what I want to do, and the DSP does not bark back at me. Usually for Dream Rig stuff  I use Pre-amp models only with no cabinet Sims as my DT amp and The spider Valve are covering those bases physically anyway. Do you do that too?

I am sure many of us would be delighted with any suggestions you could throw out to us concerning tone from JTV guitars, HD 500, DT amps, Dream Rig integration, and the Acoustic situation. Set-ups, tone settings and tips would be greatly appreciated

One final request... Joost VerGoosen has some pretty helpful videos too. He even has some patches that he has offered that sound quite good, but on trying to get those, the address does not work. Can you get in touch with him to fix this?

Thanks again! Looking forward to your thread. Your contributions are really appreciated and are directly beneficial to musicians playing Line 6 gear. Really a good job on those videos!


Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by LarryLion on 2012-12-02 09:35:33.5230


When I first got my JTV, and was less than happy with the acoustic sound, I did a lot of fiddling around, and ended up getting great results. The biggest improvement came with a good setup - higher action, most importanty - and the damping of the trem springs in my JTV69.  But I got a lot of improvement in the acoustic settings by replacing the plain G string with a wound 18. I eventually went back to the plain 17, because the electric models suffered, but the wound string idea seems to agree with your statement earlier about the Variax 700.  I played one of those recently, and I agree, it does do acoustic better, and not surprisingly. 

Like Funky, I play my JTV through a Fishman Artist, and I get GREAT results.  I have a bunch of acoustics - real ones - including a Taylor with their expression system, arguably the best pickup system for an acoustic guitar on the market. Well, the JTV, in acoustic mode, is significantly better than any of them. Zero "piezo quack", and capo stability. Does it sound like a mic'd real acoustic? Not exactly, but it sure blows away any pickup system. And with the convenience of zero stage mic "overhead", the JTV wins, in my book, hands down.

If I had one minor wish-list item, strangely enough, I would ask Line6 for a piezo simulation.  That sound is desirable in some situations.



Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by rumrill1 on 2013-03-24 08:52:50.7180

I too prefer the acoustic sounds from my Variax 300 to the new JT ones. But it's possible, if you still have those old sounds in a pre-JT Variax or saved on your hard drive, to put them in the new JT Variax, via Workbench. JTV accepted the old patches just fine, so now I have my fave V300 acoustic sound in my new JTV.

My fave V300 acoustic sound, by the way, is the Guild 12-string with the 6 octave strings disabled. It was posted in one of the forums several years ago as "12not". I find it has more real-sounding acoustic "thunk" than any of their other acoustic models.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by phil_m on 2013-03-24 11:16:52.8250

You could transfer the settings for the models in Workbench, but the base models on the JTV are still different than what was on your 300.

Re: JTV acoustic sounds versus Variax Acoustic 700
by Leftzilla on 2013-03-25 08:33:16.1930

I have both guitars and agree that the sounds out of the VAC 700 are superior all around.  But remember this is exactly what the guitar was meant to do.  It was designed to replicate Acoustic instruments only.  The acoustic emulations were thrown in along with the other electric models for added draw and some versatility. 

Mechanically there also has to be an effect of the strings.  Also has anybody strung up their JTV with acoustic strings?  (Someone who has tried can comment as I remember a lot of original vax owners did try this). 

I understand the issues some of the other users have with the JTV especialy with the added "roominess" ion the acoustics and allowing a choice between the old JTV modeling and the new would be a nice compromise.

The JTV acoustics I feel are superior as with all of the modeling than the original VAX 700.  The electric acoustic emulations seem to be more focused on the single string sound than say the strum (at least in my opinion)

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