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Returned a JTV-69 because it was very noisy in Variax mode: was it normal?
by ivanhalen on 2012-08-31 11:58:03.5020


I recently purchased and return a JTV-69 to a popular EU store because the guitar was extremely noisy on hi-gain channel in "variax" mode (NOT mag pickups, just acceptable/regular noise)

I did a video to justify the return, you can download it here:

It's all in Italian, but in a few words I show the noise and I say that it doesn't go away turning the tone knob down, nor switching the guitar-model selector or the pickup switch... and neither going away from the amp (the noise is at a constant level)

The noise only goes away turning the volume knob down

It was not a typical mag pickup noise, but a "hissss" (you can clearly listen to it)

The battery was at acceptable level (2 grren-dot-lights out of 4)

No problem on clean channel, only on hi-hgain (I used a Marshall JVM-410H)

The question is: was it a faulty guitar, or all JTV guitars have this problem?

I googled around, but it seems I was the only one with this troble...

Does it happens to you?


Re: Returned a JTV-69 because it was very noisy in Variax mode: was it normal?
by phil_m on 2012-08-31 15:09:46.2040

There shouldn't be any noise from the modeled guitars, and actually the Variax should be pretty much dead quiet. So it does seem as if something is not right with that Variax. I probably would have tried re-flashing the firmware on the guitar before sending it back, but if you already sent it back, I guess it's a moot point.

Re: Returned a JTV-69 because it was very noisy in Variax mode: was it normal?
by MerlinFL on 2012-08-31 23:07:24.5590

Ciao Ivanhalen!  I watched your mp4 video you included to hear the hiss.  And from hearing your video and also reading what you wrote it seems that your hissing problem is not with the guitar, but with your amp in my opinion.  Not to say that it might not truly be the guitar with the problem, but you've already sent it back so you can either wait for another to show up or try my suggestions with another guitar or two.

My gut feeling says...if you hear no hissing when in a clean mode, and hear a hiss in a hi gain mode it's most likely your amp and not your JTV guitar causing the hissing problem.  I did see that nothing you changed on the guitar altered the hissing which is indeed strange, but I still wouldn't rule out the amp unless you've had other guitars in that same amp with those same settings and not had that hissing noise.

Turning your volume knob down also causing the hissing to lessen and then go away if volume is off - also say much about the amp instead of the guitar.  Turning the volume down on the guitar does two important things, it lowers the gain level at the input point of your amp as well it also lowers the output signal from the guitar.

The JTV guitar can put out a much hotter signal than perhaps the guitar you were using in the amp you have.  You also wrote that this hissing sound only occurs when in modeling mode.  You did not demonstrate that in your video turning the modeling on then off in your hi gain channel.  Perhaps you did this test?

Whatever the answer is - I wish you all the best and hope the replacement guitar sounds perfect.



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