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by blitte on 2012-09-02 06:47:02.7320

This has never happened to my AX2 212. When the power is on the display says err and the amp makes a light popping sound. Any suggestions? It seems to be stuck in a loop. The display goes through a series of presets and scambled numbers over and over.

Re: blitte
by spakuloid on 2012-09-02 08:58:01.6760

First try a hard reset. You lose all of you presets - but this is the first thing you should always try when these amps go screwy. And you should be bakcing your stuff up using midi anyway. If that doesn't work - then It needs to be serviced. Take to a Line 6 service center. I had one do this that was unrepairable according to the service center. They didn't charge me and they pretty much tried everything. I have it in my garage fo parts in case my other AX212 goes bad. Good Luck. 

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