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Bypass EQ frequencies
by rucademoura on 2012-09-04 17:06:22.2290

I was hoping that in the EQ modules processing we could bypass each frequecy for A-B listening! I allways have too put the frequecy at 0 dB to do so, and sometimes i forgot the gain value that it have before, or even if i remember all the values it's not practical reseting the gain and give it all again each by each to a A-B 2 cents...maybe it's possible and i haven´t realized that! Thankx

Re: Bypass EQ frequencies
by antonioctd on 2012-09-05 04:55:20.2830

On any deep tweak dsp modules, you have an "virtual on / off switch" on the lower left corner of the screen.

You can use that to bypass the effect for quick A/B comparation between processed and unprocessed signal. Or, in your case, "EQed" and not "EQed" signal.

Hope it helps.

Re: Bypass EQ frequencies
by rucademoura on 2012-09-05 15:03:03.4150

Anton i don't see anything on lef corner... mayby you are talking about the right corner related to the on/off virtual switch! the blue (on) and gray (off). But this will bypass all the EQ module!! What I want is , let's say you are using a EQ6, is the  bypass of only one or more parametric band not all the bands! thank you for the reply! Cheers!

Re: Bypass EQ frequencies
by antonioctd on 2012-09-06 03:07:56.0520

Yah, It's the right corner! My mistake LOL

I don't see how you could bypass just an EQ freq... I use the global EQ bypass often. And not just on the M20d. Never felt the need to bypass just one freq.

Re: Bypass EQ frequencies
by rucademoura on 2012-09-06 18:00:35.0830

to a A-B test is very usefull! Like the eqs from waves plugins for example!

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