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G30 a little praise and a little rant
by kbuck11 on 2012-09-05 10:09:14.4180

     I have used wireless guitar systems since the late 1980's (Nandy, Audio Technica, Sure, etc.) and recently purchased a G30 unit from Guitar Center.  I am impressed, no VERY impressed, with the sound quality and lack of latency from the unit and also the handiness of having a receiver that fits nicely in a pedal board setup.  However, I am almost equally disappointed with the cheapness of the materials and iffy engineering of the case of the transmitter. As others have noted, the battery door doesn’t seem to fit very well once batteries are installed but I was prepared for that and was CAREFUL.  Energizers allow the door on my unit to close but still, the door does notably bulge when the batteries are installed and most likely, as has been experienced by others, the latch or door will soon fatigue and break from battery changes. 

     My problem came with the clip.  I wanted to remove it since I use a pouch.  It didn’t seem to want to come off and as others have noticed there seems a drop of glue under the clip.  Having read on this site how to remove it and that it took some effort; I took a piece of fishing line and sort of pulled it through the glue just to make sure that wasn’t holding it.  Then, I pressed in the center like others have said ‘hard’.  Well the clip came off alright, along with one of the tabs.  I now have three tabs and one hole in the case. Not sure whether to try and get a repair or not as I said I use a pouch but for $300 one would expect a little better materials and construction, ESPECIALLY on the transmitter pack which is the most handled piece of the unit.


     As I said I am impressed by the audio quality and overall design, but wireless rigs are for live gigs and, based on my experience, I really can’t imagine this transmitter pack being gigged with for more than a few months before it is held together with duct tape and Velcro. 

     I am interested in anyone’s observations about the 'ruggedness' of the G50 and G90 systems, in particular the transmitter vs. the G30.  A friend has an older Line6 rack unit and it seems MUCH better constructed and I am wondering if the higher dollar units share the issues of the G30 transmitter case.

Re: G30 a little praise and a little rant
by tadium54 on 2012-09-06 17:25:20.6030

From what I've heard the issues with the higher end models are much harder to deal with. I love my G30 and have figured out a decent workaround to the battery issue - take a bike inner tube and cut a small piece out and place it over the compartment. Zip-ties will also work. If the unit was designed to be user serviceable, I would say it's near perfect. I can't imagine it would be hard to modify the battery springs that put pressure on the batteries and door. The units for the G50 and G90 have proprietary cables and from what I've heard, the retaining ring on the transmitter isn't designed very well. All in all, the G30 is the least expensive and easiest for the end user to fix the issues present.

Re: G30 a little praise and a little rant
by kbuck11 on 2012-09-10 07:37:44.9410

Thanks Tadium.  Yea I've been reading a little more and have seen issues with the higher end ones that don't seem any less than the G30's.  I used mine again this weekend and I really do love the sound and lack of interference and latency.  Also, as you state, having the std 1/4 cord is a big plus.  With my strap pouch (neotech), I just use a 90 degree plug on one end and it exits right out the bottom perfectly.  If i'm gentle changing batteries, and with the 'reinforcement' the pouch provides to the door, hopefully I won't need any zip ties or rubber bands for a while...we'll see.  The clip post breaking off still ticks me off though.  Seriously, how much more could it have cost to make it screw on as most are.  Guess we live in a 'Made in China' world lol!  Cheers.

Re: G30 a little praise and a little rant
by RonMarton on 2012-09-15 14:10:07.5500

Speaking of "made in China"...

I've had a few of these Tune Belts "butchered" in order to be sewn onto sax and guitar straps and found them to be great for protecting a variety of transmitters, Line 6's being my favourites.

They're made from wetsuit material which (in addition to security for acrobatics) provides added shock-proofing and holds battery hatches firmly shut.

The fact that the belt's cheap doesn't hurt either !

Re: G30 a little praise and a little rant
by Dazmondo7 on 2012-09-16 05:06:48.8950

I have a G50 system which I bought from Thomann in Germany around 5 months ago. On opening the box I was initially confident I'd made the right choice paying the extra over the G30, my only concern was that the mini XLR cable connector on the transmitter had no physical CLICK into the socket but thought as this was my first experience of this connector, it was me just griping and that you pay the extra for better features like this so it's unlikely that this connector type isn't up to the job, a month down the line I had problems with the cable falling out of the transmitter mid gig so looked on various forums for advice and found a lot of users of both G30 and G50 systems recommending upgrading the cable so I purchased 2 expensive, top quality cables with gold plated Neutrik right angle jacks but what seemed to be the same type of mini XLR connector, but felt confident this would make a difference -- It didn't, the cables where still falling out at gigs so I thought I'd look for a supplier who could offer a better XLR connector and found a company that made top qual cables with Neutrik gold plated right angle jacks + top quality, Rean XLR connectors, I purchased 2 --- Still same problem so after 4 months of leads falling out I checked out this forum and found something that related to the XLR connector on the actual transmitter having a lip which the service reply was "it looks as though the retainer lip inside the socked had broken off" So as my system had never had a retainer lip I contacted Tech support through a Support Ticket, they recommended I set it back to the place of purchase and all costs would be covered, which I did along with a letter explaining the manufacturing fault, after 2 weeks I chased them up they sent be a bill for €92.00 saying that the repair wouldn't be covered by warranty as the "LIP" had been broken off """WTF""" so I sent them back loads of emails stating that it never had a lip and questioning wether I'd be sold a damaged, second hand unit, So I made out a new support ticket with a huge rant and complaint, I eventually got a reply saying Line 6 would "make an exception and give a warranty replacement" I was obviously happy with the outcome but still have not yet received my replacement and have missed out using it on a couple of high profile gigs + I have a tour starting next week and still no sign of when I'll receive it - I've now been without the receiver for exactly 1 month + the support ticket which details the warranty replacement: 188966 has been deleted where my first support ticket: 186715 which explains the manufacturing fault is closed but still accessible, I'm now really paranoid that this nightmare is gonna get worse and they'll say it never existed!

On a more positive note, I borrowed a G30 transmitter from a mate which worked flawlessly with the G50 receiver plus the physical, sturdy 'CLICK' you get from the standard Jack connector gave total piece of mind!

Re: G30 a little praise and a little rant
by RonMarton on 2012-09-16 12:50:31.3080

Whew !

W.T.F. indeed. My only comment would be that, if I were Line 6, I'd be rushing a brand new TBP12 beltpack transmitter to you, at NO charge, the actual status of your original "repair" job notwithstanding.

I will be most disappointed indeed if, on reading all of this, the good folks at Line 6 don't speedily resolve this in a manner that reflects their usual high standards. 

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to document all of this so clearly, as it may have saved others a whole lot of grief by them now knowing that a TA4 connector MUST connect securely with a "click", or it is definitely faulty.

Now go and buy a lottery ticket, as (by now) you must have exhausted your quota of bad luck...    

Re: G30 a little praise and a little rant
by tadium54 on 2012-09-17 18:47:29.6540

I still believe if the unit was user serviceable (ie held together with screws instead of clicking together), I think most of the issues regarding the transmitters could be resolved. I think almost all the complaints have been towards the transmitter, which makes me think the reciever was very well designed (although it wil inherently take less abuse than the transmitter).

I have seen some fourm posts (not on here but on Jemsite I think) on ways to beef up the retainer nut on the G50. You might give those a shot.

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