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Post your LIVE presets!
by scifi76 on 2012-09-06 00:21:58.7790

After reading through Line 6's September Newsletter, I was particularly interested by the article on Dino Cazares. The article explains how he uses a POD HD Pro direct into a PA / monitors when playing live. Well, it got me thinking, there must be some seriously awesome players out there with some amazing live tones that have been tried and tested at many a gig in lots of venues. It would really help the new users out there and people like myself who struggle with the infinite tweakability of the POD series, to learn from and experiment with with any tones that people are willing to share.

I know we have CustomTone, but in this thread I'm particularly interested in tones used in LIVE situations and opening a discussion about what makes the tone work in the situations it's used in.

It would be good if people could post the following info:

POD Model: (eg. HD Pro, HD 500)

Live setup: (eg. Direct to PA, 4CM to Marshall, etc)

Tone Style: (eg. Clean, Metal, etc)

Link to CustomTone: (eg

Notes: Why you think your tone is awesome , and a bit about how you use it

If you're tone isn't on CustomTone, then please describe how the tone is constructed.


Re: Post your LIVE presets!
by troutfisher on 2012-09-29 00:03:32.8680

not a tone posted  so bad, i really need help with this too

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