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Mackie DL1608 vs. M20D
by blomasky on 2012-09-08 05:21:02.7160

Like many others, I almost purchased the DL1608.  (great price point!).  Due to the delay in shipping the DL, I investigated the SS and decided to spend the extra $$.  I have only had my SS for... umm...errrr. 18 hours, and have put together my unbiased comparison of the features.  I did not weight the features as different ones will be more important to each user.

Advantages of the Mackie DL1608

  • Much cheaper ($1,000 vs. $2,500)
  • Lighter (8 vs. 12 lbs)
  • Smaller
  • Traditional look (faster learning curve)
  • Input presets and discrete presets for every function (i.e. EQ, compression, reverb)
  • 31 band EQ on all inputs
  • Main plus 6 outputs vs. Main plus 4 on the SS
  • In Mix mode, the levels are much easier to read than on the SS (although, the SS displays 12 per page vs. 8.)

Advantages of the StageScape M20D

  • WiFi connectivity has option to plug into router like the DL OR a small USB wifi dongle sets up a network just between the SS and your IPAD  (This requires purchase of a $40 dongle)
  • Graphical picture of the stage.  You want to adjust the acoustic guitar, just touch it and it is in focus
  • USB feeds sound to laptop (for podcast, streaming, etc.)
  • SD card for recording all channels / playback of backing tracks
  • Can record all 20 inputs (oh yea, 20 vs. 16 inputs)
  • Records 20 seconds of input that will loop during playback for tweaking without the band
  • Auto Trim function
  • 4 Global FX vs. 2 for DL
  • Control surface (7” touch screen with 12 encoder knobs) built in.
  • Ability to control the order of the DSP functions (compressor before or after EQ, etc.)
  • More DSP functions
    • Feedback suppression
    • DeEsser
    • Dynamic EQ
  • Two modes for adjustments, Quck Tweak, with an XY graph labeled in “sound” terms and the Deep Tweak has full access to all parameters  (DL only has "deep tweak" mode)
  • On deep tweak, all levels numeric values are displayed (with DL, you have to touch the control for the value to be displayed in a window at the top.)


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