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FBV Shortboard MK1, with Spider Valve MK1.
by rythmking24 on 2012-09-08 05:24:05.0380


I've just bought a new Spider Valve MK1 (cheaper than the MK2s, obviously) and now I'm thinking of buying the FBV Shortboard MK1 to go with it. My question is really just, is the Shortboard worth buying for the Spider Valve?

Can the Spider utilise all the features of the Shortboard? For example, I see there are 'delay' and 'reverb' buttons on the Shortboard. Stupid question probably, but can you actually just turn delay and reverb on and off with that switch on the Spider Valve? Because obviously you have to save them to a preset normally, to use them

There's also a 'modulation' button. What does that do on the Spider? Anything?

So basically, is it worth buying the Shortboard, or would th FBV Express be just as good?

I'd appreciate some advice and/ or information.

Many thanks.

Re: FBV Shortboard MK1, with Spider Valve MK1.
by rf1760 on 2012-09-25 15:31:27.0440

I have a shortboard with an MK1. All functions on the shortboard work. Modulation turns on and off the mod effects. Delay and reverb turn on and off if those are programmed into the preset, I believe. Honestly, I never use it, it just collects dust, but all functions do work.

Re: FBV Shortboard MK1, with Spider Valve MK1.
by mtnman82 on 2012-09-25 19:11:16.6710

The shortboard MkI was designed to be used with the Spider Valve MkI and as mentioned above, all features work in conjunction with the amp.  If you're planning on playing out with the amp, the shortboard is indispensible.  If you're playing in your bedroom/house, you can get by with the express, but you'll be missing the ability to turn on/off effects at will. You might be able to get by with an express for playing out, but definitely not the optimal choice.  Th MkI shortboard is hands down better than the MkII shortboard for may reasons BTW (bigger display, tactile feel when you hit a button, no 'accidents' when hitting a button as is easy to do with the MkII, ...).

Re: FBV Shortboard MK1, with Spider Valve MK1.
by cgtrox on 2012-09-26 21:11:52.6360

The MKI shortboard is more heavy duty than the MKII board as well as all of the other reasons stated above. I too have an MKI SV with an MKI FBV and an MKI shortboard. Remember, the effects on the MKI SV are not that great as far as in depth programming and controlling them. When I play live, I use the SV with only the delay (two repeats only, very light behind the note) and reverb on at all times. Then I use the FBV Express to control the amp switching and wah/volume. Then I use my M9 in the effects loop for chorus, tremolo, phase, harmony, etc.

If you only have the shortboard it not only controls the effects but it has some hidden features as well. I can't remember them, it has been a while! LOL! But, one is a built in noise gate, a boost, and one more... Let me look around and see if I can't find it for you.


Re: FBV Shortboard MK1, with Spider Valve MK1.
by mtnman82 on 2012-09-29 18:14:14.4330

Boost on the MkI?  I'd like to know how if this is the case...

And so not as to confuse the original poster, cgtrox does not use the effects built into the amp other than delay and reverb.  If you're not going to use the effects built into the amp, then you may not need the shortboard.  If you're planning on using the built in effects for playing live (kind of the point of the Spider Valve) then you really want the shortboard.

Re: FBV Shortboard MK1, with Spider Valve MK1.
by cgtrox on 2012-09-30 22:13:09.9610

Sorry, it wasn't the boost, it was the noise gate. You power up the amp holding down the "D" button to turn it off and on. Try the COMP button to see if that has the boost or not. It has been soooo long when these little "secrets" were discovered, back when it first came out! I think there are one or two more, I will have to do some more digging...


Re: FBV Shortboard MK1, with Spider Valve MK1.
by cgtrox on 2012-10-01 16:54:52.2080

There is also a "notch" in the Chorus button that hides if I remember correctly, a Leslie effect. It is right between the Chorus and Flanger, you have to mess with it to find it.


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