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Clarifying Stereo Link Switch
by arstrand on 2012-09-09 17:53:27.4900

The manual states:

Stereo Link Switch

When the Stereo Link switch is set to Dual Mono, each of the two channels retains its own settings. When connecting a stereo source to the two inputs, it can be convenient to have a single set of controls adjust both signals simultaneously. Placing this switch in Stereo Link mode disables Channel 1’s controls and allows Channel 2’s controls to affect both inputs. When using a single L3t, all stereo signals are summed to mono before being output to the speaker.

If a second L3t is connected via L6 LINK, stereo signals will be split automatically between the two speakers. See page 16 for more details.

So in Dual Mono, "each of the two channels retains its own settings", does this mean that if I specify Dual Mono and then use both left/right inputs with a two speaker system connected with L6 Link that I will get correct stereo where I can control the basic EQ channels seperately?

So in Stere Link, "a single set of controls adjust both signals simultaneously", I still get correct stereo but both left and right speaker EQ settings will be controlled by the channel 2 controls?

The term "mono" implies to me that the channels get summed together which is probably why my confuision.


Re: Clarifying Stereo Link Switch
by ArneLine6 on 2012-09-20 21:39:22.9970

In Dual Mono mode both channels are panned to the center and the eq is applied individually.

In Stereo Link mode the inputs 1 and 2 are panned to left and right producing correct stereo. The controls of channel 2 affect both sides.


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